Leo talkie

Learn a language thanks to the Leos of the world!

The year of 2020 was certainly a special one, but that doesn’t mean Leos are turning away from the desire to get together, learn new things, discover new cultures and meet new people. To meet this basic pillar of the Leo movement, a group of motivated ILOs has managed to organize a new and modern social activity to connect Leos from different countries, called LeoTalkie. 

How can I register and participate?

The project consists of a fast and easy registration, one should provide a little information about themselves, about the language one speaks and about the language one would like to learn. This way, the organizers will be able to connect the participants with another Leo of the world who wants to be part of the project in order to exchange his/her language with other Leo friends.

To give you an example: an Italian who wants to learn French will be put in contact with a French who wants to practice Italian.

It will be a new way to meet people, think of new services, improve a language and create an international contact that will enhance our relationships with foreigner Countries in a moment in which it is very difficult to travel. 

We look forward to seeing you on the Leo Talkie platform!

Google form for registration: https://forms.gle/aHTGWqBr39aQWuJB7