Leo Fights Hunger

Leo Fights Hunger is a service activity that was created and launched by the ILO Council as the new European Activity in the summer of 2019 during the Lions International Convention in Milan.

Leo Fights Hunger aims to focus on the provision of food and goods to people in need and the improvement of awareness of healthy eating by promoting service activities in the main areas of the European Activity.

  1. Food Collection
  2. Education
  3. Strides Events
  4. Leo Masterchef
  5. Open Space

For any doubt, visit our Facebook or Instagram pages, or contact us by e-mail: europeanactivity@european-leos.eu.

Leo Fights Hunger aims to focus on the provision of food and goods to people in need and the improvement of awareness of healthy eating by promoting service activities in the main areas of the European Activity.

How to join?


First of all, we invite you to register your projects hereRemember to share as much information and as many pictures as possible, so we can share your activity on our Facebook page and inspire other Leos to do similar projects!

Together we can make a global impact. We are waiting for you!

Ideas for Activities

You want to join our activity, but have no idea on how to actually contribute? Here is a list of possible activities you can organize with your club to help fight hunger!

Food Collection

One of the main, and probably the best known, area of Leo Fights Hunger is Food Collection!

You may have noticed people asking regular customers to buy “One Piece More” in the supermarkets in order to collect food for the less well-off. This activity can be easily pursued with your Leo Club or in collaboration with the local Food Bank or other similar associations. Be the example and encourage people to donate long life food to charity! After pursuing this activity with your club or by yourself make sure to fill out the Leo Fights Hunger participation form so that your contribution will be visible and raise more awareness!

We want to show our power to the world! So, please, share photos and articles with us in order to show how much we can do as Leos and to inspire other Leos to make the same!


This area of Leo Fights Hunger will focus on educating! This can be done in primary and secondary schools to teach kids the importance of eating healthy, to do sports, to recycle and raise awareness of hunger related issues. This can be done with interactive games, music, competitions and cooking classes. You can also invite doctors or other experts to give more information on the topic!

But education is not just for the kids. It is also about educating restaurants, bars and cafés about food waste and how they can avoid it, for example by providing doggy bags for their guests or using food waste apps like “Too Good to Go” to sell their surplus food for a cheaper price. It’s a win-win for both the restaurants and the consumer!

Strides Events

You can make a Stride Event when you organize a sports competition (running, tennis, football etc) and you combine it with specialized visits of doctors about prevention of some diseases such as diabetes. It is also a win-win: First of all, a lot of people are active during the event. Second of all, you get the opportunity to inform people about the importance of preventing diabetes.

With a sports competition you can also raise money to buy food or goods and it of course a great way to promote Leos and Lions and hopefully to get new members!

Leo Masterchef

What is Leo Masterchef? It’s fun! It’s friendship! It’s fundraiser! You can challenge another Leo Club, a Lions club, another association or possible new Leos! You can get help from a professional chef or prepare all the food on your own. During the dinner, every guest will vote on the best meal and a winner will be found in the end of the night.

Cooking is a good way to strengthen friendships, but Leo Masterchef can also be used as a fundraiser event where a donation is requested to be part of the event. For the game of voting you can have an extra fee for the dinner and the collected funds can be used to buy food or goods to people in need!

Open Space

The first four areas are ideas of services but Leo Fights Hunger could be much more. We want to give space to other ideas and services. We serve under a common name of Leos, but we are all different, have various skills and probably have multiple ideas for service projects. We want you to feel free to use your imagination to come up with the coolest idea for a Leo Fights Hunger project.

The most important is that you share your ideas and events by signing up, so we can show the world the power of Leos and to inspire other clubs to do similar projects!