International Liaison Officer

In the European and Mediterranean area, the International Liaison Officers (ILO) are the representatives of their own District/Multiple-District with the international LEO Environment. There is one ILO per country and together with ILOs from other countries they form the ILO Council. The ILO Council is in constant online contact, meets in online conferences on a monthly basis and meets in person at least twice a year at the LEO Europa Forum and LEO Europa pre-Forum.

Why do we need ILOs?

The ILOs are not only the official representation of their own country’s Leo Movement abroad, but are also the bridge of information to and from their national realities. They help in:

  • Being open to the international LEO movement and in sharing experiences
  • Elaborating strategies for the development of the LEO movement both at a national and international level
  • Supporting the organization and planning of projects and events on an international level.
  • Establishing a Council representing European LEOs globally and providing a communication channel for global movements to the European area

What are the duties of an ILO?

ILOs have multiple duties. The first of them is to be the communication link between the ILO Council and their respective MD/D. By doing so they include their country in all kinds of activities and all information coming from the international environment.

Additional duties of an ILO include:

  • Partaking in at least one of the Task Teams inside the ILO Council
  • Promoting the Leo movement at a national and worldwide level
  • Promoting Leos at Lions national and international (LCI) levels
  • Executing requests and sharing information from other ILOs and Leos
  • Providing assistance to Lions and Leos in newly established Leo/Lions countries
  • Reporting to their respective MD/D Board about the situation of the Leo movement in other countries.


Every District/Multiple-District has a different election procedure, however it is usually elected during a National Convention or a D/MD Meeting. The duration of an ILO term also varies from country to country: it can last from 1 to 3 years, with most countries having a term of 2 years.

Wish to know more? Find the ILO of your MD/D and contact them!

Is there no ILO in your MD/D or you simply don’t know how to make contact? Feel free to contact any of the others (if you know any) or write to to have more information!