ILO Council

The ILO Council is composed by 25 International Liaison Officers (ILOs) representing the LEO (multi) districts of Europe and the Mediterranean region. Each ILO fulfills its role as an individual but also contributes to the LEO movement as the member of the Council. To facilitate this functioning the Council is divided in three Task Teams guided by a Board and further advised by advisors.

The board of the council

The Board of the ILO Council is the leading body of the Council. Its main roles consist in:

  • Structuring the ILO Council,
  • Preparing the Council’s vision
  • Establishing the communication channels between ILOs
  • Provide support to the organisation team of the Leo Europa Forum
  • Chairing monthly Council meetings
  • Representing the Council and European LEOs on a worldwide scale,
    addressing potential issues in the Council
  • Solving ad-hoc tasks that might arise during the year

The Board should be composed by at least one person (the Chairperson) and up to a maximum of three people to create a more democratic leadership. The administration of the Council is primarily handled by the Secretary. The main responsibility of the Secretary is the creation and curation of the Minutes of the Council meetings and sharing them with the Council. The Board has a mandate of one year and is responsible for the continuity of the Council’s existence.

The Task Teams

European Activity

The European Activity is a service activity that the ILO Council organizes on an international level in order to obtain a stronger global impact. Examples of such activities are Leo4Green or the LEO Wheelmap. Generally, an activity is in the primary focus of the Council for three years: during the third year, a new activity is planned. This is not a limiting time framework, but a current consequence of the organisational complexity of such activities.

Lessons Learned

The Task Team of Lessons Learned creates practical tools to facilitate the main tasks of an ILO such as the LEO Map for connecting Leos across borders, the Experience book for sharing ideas of activities organized around the continent and the ILO Hall of Fame to raise awareness of the current and past ILOs. The team leads the creation of various reports such as the Country Reports and the LEO Survey, from which the main data regarding European LEOs are derived.


The Promotion team is tasked with the spreading of information from the ILO Council to LEOs and the general public. The team is responsible for the updating of the European Leos website and the European LEO Clubs Facebook page. It creates regular newsletters that are shared to all European Leos via email and short meeting reports that are shared via the Facebook page. Most of the activity of the Promotion team revolves around curating Articles that any LEO can write and publish through the Council, communicating the progress made by the other Task teams and writing short posts for the public with the summaries of the ILO Council meetings.


The ILO Council invites the LEO representatives of Europe in the Leo Club program Advisory Panel and a representative of the LEO Club program Department to join all its communication channels. Their role is to advise the Council on global matters and establish a communication channel between the European Leos and the global movement.