Leos MED

LEO MED is a registered international LIONS conference, hosted by a Mediterranean country, gathering all the LEOs and LEO clubs from the med region, with an open invitation to all LEOs from all over the world, discussing ideas and trying to find solutions for all the med region problems, with a youthful fun spirit, making it a unique opportunity to discover different cultures, either eastern and western med, or northern and southern med.

Started in 2007, it was hosted first by Egypt, then Tunisia 2009, turkey 2011, Lebanon 2013, Tunisia 2014, and now back at Egypt again in 2018.
The main purpose of the conference is to unify the youth of the med region countries, under the LEO umbrella, to exchange ideas and solutions, or targets and aims, for the problems or difficulties faced in each country, and as those countries all lie within the same region, their problems are so common, like education, immigration, community service and disaster relief.
Our youth, having so much energy and innovation, try their best to help our community, and with more ideas and cultural exposure, they aim to tackle
our main issues with a wider view, and by exchanging global experience, they aim to find realistic solution to such issues.

LEO MED 2018, as mentioned previously, will be hosted by Egypt, in 3 different cities, starting the main program in Alexandria, the biggest cosmopolitan city of the Mediterranean, then Cairo, the cradle of civilization, then the post program will take place of the beautiful city of Hurghada, exposing our guests to the unique experiences of the Red Sea.

Program of LeoMED2018 in Egypt