European LEO Weekend
The first European LEO Weekend took place from the 31th of May until the 2nd of June 2019 in the dormitory of Szécheny István University in Győr, Hungary. The initiative of organizing our European LEO Weekend had various goals: to welcome LEO-friends from all over Europe, to meet new and old friends, to show the beautiful city of Győr (which is halfway between Budapest and Vienna and situated on one of the important roads of Central Europe), and of course to have a Charity-activity when every participants can work hand in hand in order to help and make happier the people in need.

As with the Orga-team, we had found important to have something smart and catchy, we put the name of the city also in the slogan of the event: that’s where the #GetTogeGyőr came from (Get together+Győr makes the nice mix of #GetTogeGyőr).
The location: dormitory of Szécheny István University in Győr, Hungary
The idea of organizing such an event had come after passing a great weekend in Wels, Austria in the framework of the International LEO-Charity Bowling Weekend, hosted by LEO Club Wels. For those LEOs, who cannot attend the biggest yearly european LEO-event, the LEO Europa Forum (LEF) for some reason, these international LEO-weekends give them a good opportunity to meet other LEOs from different countries.
On the first day of the European LEO Weekend, we welcomed everyone and as a warm-up, we were playing some funny icebreaker games, where all of us had to work in teams by using our creativity and the wish to solve riddles putting our ideas together.

After the icebreakers, as one of the theme-parties was called „Summer-party”, most of us put nice dresses in order to lure summer weather (it was successful, as summer is finally here), then we went to dance to a local club.

What a better way to start a Saturday morning than a Charity-activity! The good purpose was going to be wall painting and renovation in the family shelter owned by Szent Cirill és Method Alapítvány (Saint Cirill and Method Foundation). We can happily and proudly announce that we could finish in time and we could help families living there to spend their days in a newly painted building. We finished the Charity-activity with having lunch together, there was a traditional hungarian food on the menu: goulash (gulyás).

After the Charity-activity some of us went back to the dormitory to have a little rest, but the ones who still had some energy left went to the Cyberjump Trambulin Park.
In the evening, we had a fancy dinner in Kármen Restaurant, in Kálvária Hotel. We were talking about the weekend and about the nice memories we had already made.
After dinner, we were having lot of fun in the framework of the second theme-party of the weekend: the White-party. Every participant had been asked to bring a white T-shirt to the event, so that we can write funny and nice messages on each other’s T-shirt. Most of the messages was about inside jokes and main characteristics.
On the third day, after breakfast we said goodbye to some attendees and invited the others to an optional Győr-tour.

The city of Győr
After all, we can say that we spent a wonderful weekend together with full of joy and we could realize what we had imagined: meet new and old friends, make nice memories and of course, have a successful Charity-activity. We truly believe that the European LEO Weekend can be a traditionally organized event in Hungary. This was the first, but not the last one. We would like to organize this weekend next year again and by learning the lessons, we already know how to make it as big and memorable as we had imagined. We are planning to collect feedbacks from the participants, but we already received very positive ones so far. See everyone next year, maybe in Győr again or maybe in another beautiful city of Hungary, every LEO is welcome not only from Europe, but why not from all over the world!