If we had to choose one action of our LEO Club that everyone loves, it would have to be the marauds!
We have done marauds once a month over the past year and it has become like a ritual. You must sign in quickly if you want to participate to it. Just like a Rihanna concert

So, you may ask yourself what is this action which is enjoyed this much by our members? Marauds are food deliveries to homeless people. To make it easier, we did a partnership with the association Humanit’Aide which organize marauds every Friday night in Lille. Usually, we help them once a month (or twice during summer, for example).

Humanit’Aide was created in 2014, originally named Unit’Aide. They support people in precarious situations through various actions in France but also internationally. For example, they organize a collection of donations for a class of deaf children from the Atfaluna Center in Gaza. We help Humanit’Aide for their marauds but also to collect winter kits for homeless people.

We cherish this partnership with this admirable association. Each and every member of our club came back from these marauds changed and affected. This allows us to be aware of how lucky we are but also to see homeless people with more humanity. In France, we are often scared of people living in the street, but this fear goes away as soon as you start talking to them. They usually have so much to say and are not very different from you.

François Oudin