Croatian LEO club Rijeka cooperated with Pegasus Association

Pegasus Associatio is an therapeutic animal association and Leos helped in two projects. The first project was to repair the ramps / accesses for the disabled in the Pegas Association. The ramp helps the disabled people to climb to the horses where their therapy begins. Another project was repair of other ramp and repair of the fence around the rides. Each of the activities was followed by socializing and team building members of the Leo club and members of the Pegasus association. In both projects, Leo Club Rijeka co-operated with student associations. Collaboration with the Pegasus Association will continue throughout the years.

The Finish national and annual Leo activity

Leo activity from Finnland called Hyvänmielenpäivä or in English “The good mood day” is celebrated on All Saints’ Day around Finland. The aim is to share a good feeling and a warm atmosphere around Finland at local cemeteries by offering the visitors warm juice and home made gingerbread’s for free.

Picture: Leo Club Helsinki/Itäväylä at “the good mood day” 2018.
You can follow the Finnish Leos on our page: @suomenleot or (

LEOs of Instagram and #leosontheroad

As you might have already seen, instagram has recently been beriched with a new account for all European LEOs! Check it out: european.leos
This account aims to help leos around the world find and reach out to eachother more easily, while they post what activities they’re doing. So anytime you or your club are doing something fun, tag #european.leos on your post and share it with your LEO friends around the world!
With the creation of this account, another project has taken off, called #leosontheroad, which is meant for sharing your experiences abroad within the LEO community. One of the first posts of this kind was the happy encounter of two European ILOs this summer. Here a short summary:
>This September I was so happy to meet up with my fellow ILO, François, in the beautiful city of Marseille. François and his Club, LEO Club Marseille Azur, celebrated their 30th anniversary and I had the pleasure to attend the gala dinner at a lovely Chateau near the city. I met various Lions and LEOs from Marseille and Boredaux and we had an amazing exchange of ideas and experiences of our clubs’ activities. We managed to form a great friendship between eachother and hopefully between the countries and Clubs we’re representing, France and Austria. No doubt we’re going to keep in touch, create more opportunities to meet and strengthen the friendship we built.<
So next time you’re on a trip and getting to know new LEO friends, because we’re everywhere, you know, think of sharing it with all #leosontheroad .

Austrian LEOs take LEO4Green to the National Convention

For the first National Convention, the Austrian LEOs decided to take the LEO4Green Challenge a step further, by planning an environmentally friendly activity during the National Convention in Waidhofen an der Ybbs.
A National Convention means a lot of helping hands! On a beautiful day of September, around 30 LEOs from all across Austria got their hiking shoes, borrowed some showels and climbed the hill to plant trees in the forest. With the help and advice of a forester, they learned how to plant the trees with the aim of helping the natural pollination and expansion of the forest. The activity was not only successful, but also a lot of fun. Each LEO got to learn a bit about helping the nature follow its path and got to plant, name and care for some baby trees!

Shoutout to LEO Club Mostviertel fororganizing this amazing Activity!

Slovenian Leos and Lions working together

On the 6th October, Lions club Ljubljana held its 21st traditional Grand charity Lions ball. As with tradition, Leo club Ljubljana participated with charity raffle. In Slovenia, the Leo club from the capital city has an opportunity to join its strengths with their mentor club every year. It is a great mixture of generations, knowledge and skills in a beautiful setting of a culture center, Cankarjev dom. With many honorable guests from Slovenia, twinned Leo club from Novi Sad Neoplanta, president of Leo district 129 (Matic Cmok) and Slovenian ILO (Tomaž Trobentar), the ball has also visited Salim Moussan, candidate for International third vice president of Lions Clubs international from Beirut, Lebanon.

With the event, Lions club Ljubljana and Leo club Ljubljana will help Zavod pod strehco (under the roof), and this is People’s kitchen. The basic purpose of the People’s Kitchen will be the provision of a warm meal where the elderly , the one-parent family, the younger unemployed, the homeless, the socially weak individuals who are unable to survive, the deviant people who remain on the edge of the society due to their condition, will get serverd free meal and there are also social programs or cooking workshops and individual counseling for individuals or groups.

“In a room filled with so many Leo’s, Lions, and friends, we must acknowledge that our spirit has the same purpose. We all cherish and share same values. It is why there is an instant trust between us, that speaks friendship and respect for the greater future that we build together.

” President of Leo club Ljubljana – Ana Šček.

Leo for green activity

Three LEO clubs in Croatia organized two LEO4Green activities for the World clean-up day. These are short descriptions about them. On September 15th member of LEO club Zrinski Cakovec collected their old, used and non-used clothes and shoes and donated them to Humana Nova – social cooperative. Humana Nova encourages the employment of the disabled and other socially excluded persons
through the production and selling of quality and innovative textile products made from ecological and recycled fabrics for the needs of the domestic and the foreign markets. Through conversation with the owner we learned a lot as he explained what his vision when he opened the first Humana Nova store was (which now counts more than 5 in Croatia). By recycling you economize raw materials and natural resources. This means that less must pump, refine, transport and process which makes it easier for Mother Earth. In that manner you economize energy consumption needed for the production process. Less energy used means less need to be produced resulting in less release of carbon dioxide emissions and less greenhouse gases. There is another equally good side of recycling clothes. This process helps the poor people from Croatia and from third world countries to get useful items of clothing that they otherwise could not afford.
Mission of LEO club Zrinski Cakovec is to donate at least 30kg of clothes and shoes once a year and to buy things from Humana Nova and donate them to less fortunate people. On World clean-up day 15.9. Leo club Tri kule Zagreb decided to join forces with Leo club Zagreb and help environment by taking part in an organised clean-up of a bird sanctuary near Zagreb. The clean- up was organised by BIOME, the cycling syndicate and Lions club Agram. We collected trash which was illegally disposed there and made piles which were taken afterwards to a junkyard. Since it was a sunny day, our hosts taught us which kind of birds live in this environment and how important it is to
remove plastic from their habitat, since they can get caught in it. With the help of binoculars, we also did our best to spot as many birds as we could. It was our first Leo4green activity. We had much fun and are looking forward to new green actions.

Veronika Kovač,
ILO D-126 Croatia

Leo Exchange

This is a new opportunity to discover other cultures and make new Leo friends
MD 108 Italy has launched the new service Leo Exchange, a project designed to foster the friendship among Leos across the world. Leo members aged between 22 and 30 years of all Countries who decide to take part in this program are invited to v isit Italy for a period between 2 and 7 nights and to become guests of Italian Leo members. By the principle of reciprocity, the members participating in the program are then required to offer hospitality to one of the Italian Leo participants in their territory for a stay between 2 and 7 nights. For this year the program will be considered a pilot project, and, for this reason, it will be available only and exclusively for the Leo multiple Districts belonging to the European area that make express request with the document already given to the ILOs. More information will be available in October, after the definition of the list of the participating countries.

this are some photos from exchange camp in Italy

Lions club international youth exchange with leos as staff members


Being a Leo means to belong to a big family spread all over the world. It means to have brothers and sisters who share with you ideas and the desire to make the world a better place. Being a Leo means also to have the chance to try to be a Leader, to make new Experiences and to have new Opportunities: this has been clear to me during my five years in the Leo Club in Italy. And I’ve had the confirmation of this during the ten days I spent in France as a staff member of in Camp de Provence. Last spring my Multiple District issued a call to find an Italian Leo who could speak English and French and who was willing to be a Staff member in a French Camp. The selection was made through a presentation video which I realized thanks to my wonderful Club. Once read the call, I had no doubt about my participation! I had never taken part to a YEC before, but I was convinced that it could be an awesome experience! Last year I have lived in Provence for 9 months as an Erasmus student, studying Architecture in Marseille, so the idea of coming back to my second home excited me a lot!  During our National Convention, I’ve been selected as the winner and at the end of July I was on the plane directed to Marseille.
Once arrived, the Camp Director, Stephane, and his family hosted me in the best possible way. The other Lions were warm and friendly as well. It was a pleasure to work with them during 10 days, to help them in everyday organization and to share this experience with them by my side, as young staff member, there was a Kazakhistan boy and we worked together all along. We organized a final show with the youngsters, dancing our Countries’ folkloristic dances all together. The Camp in Provence was an awesome experience, and for that I should say thank you in 15 different languages, one for each nationality of the participants. I should start thanking my Multiple District for giving me the opportunity to go abroad as Staff in Camp de Provence. I should continue with all French Lions, members and not, who’ve worked for long months to organize this camp in the best possible way. Beside this, thanks to our perfect Camp Director Stéphane Miquel, to his family, to Philippe and his wife and to all the people who worked and were at the camp! I really appreciated their passion, love and enthusiasm! I felt like I was at home. l loved working with them and collaborate to make this experience the best one. At last but not at least, I should say thank you to my dear friends from all over the world! Everybody with his character, his culture, his way of thinking made great this experience! Thanks because I have had the possibility to come back to my beautiful second home and to live it in another new way!

LEO = Leadership, Experience, Opportunity: I think this camp represents these three keywords in a perfect way!

Article by
Gabriella Buttitta
MD 108 Italy

ILOs at LEF2018 Hungary


What a week that we have behind us! The LEF 2018 was held in Hungary, in Visegrád. We spent a wonderful week in a medieval renaissance area of Hungary.During this week we went on sightseeing trips to Budapest and Visegrád, had workshops, presentation of countries and of course, a Social activity with which we could help those who are in need!
As usual, this LEF gave place to the yearly face-to-face meeting of International Liaison Officers (ILOs) from Europe and the Mediterranean countries.18 ILOs attended LEF 2018 and during this week our ILO-Council was very active: First of all, we had our handover ceremony at our first ILO-meeting. In the framework of the handover, the
previous ILO-Board summarized what we have achieved so far this year, we welcomed and pinned the new ILOs at the same time said goodbye to our former ILOs. After the handover, the new ILO-Council voted for the upcoming ILO-Board. And the result: we have now 3 new and fresh ILO-Board member: Kaja Szwarczyńska from Poland, Dorina Szalagyi from Hungary and Tomaž Trobentar from Slovenia.
The new ILO-Board expressed their willing to keep the 3 Task Teams: European Activity, Promotion and Lessons Learned and the Board assigned each ILOs to one of the Task Teams according to the results of a Survey which has been sent out to every ILO previously. During LEF 2018, we had a meeting dedicated to Focus Group held by Lion(ess) Michelle Anderson,Omega LEO Specialist, Focus Group is very imporant in order to have a vision of Omega LEOs worldwide and there is new options for LEOs to become more involved with Lions, they are called Leo- Lions.

Focus Group would like to reach is to give LEOs more options and help from Lions to achieve greatersuccess on activities in their clubs and also to connect more on an international level as well as national. For those who were interested, an opportunity was offered to get an insight to the hard work of the ILO-Council, in the framework of an ILO-workshop.We found useful and efficient to have a meeting where all our 3 Task Teams can express themselves and can present their objectifst,their point of view and where they have the possibility to present their ideas. After the brainstorming, at the end all Task Teams could give us a vision about their imagination and about how could we improve the work of the ILO-Council during the upcoming year.

Finally, at the Closing ceremony of LEF 2018 Hungary, the new ILO-Board summarized what the ILO- Council has done in the past couple of days, and presented in a nutshell our program and main goals for the year 2018/2019, such as more promotion in general, promotion of LEF 2019 Portugal, spreading of the word of LEO4Green outside of Europe in order to make it a worldwide activity. Fortunately, there are already countries in Latin-America which are interested, such as Uruguay and Peru! The idea of a new european
activity was also born; we hope that it will be at least as popular and successful as LEO4Green. We know we will have a lot of work in this upcoming year, but the ILO-Council is looking forward to get a jump into
new visions and new challenges.

Dorina Szalagyi

ILO-Board Member, D-119 Hungary


A point of view about Leo Lion double membership

Leo and Lion Juan Manuel “Pollo” Cáceres
Leo Advisory Panelist 2017-2019
Constitutional Area III

Background information
Taking a double membership, being a Leo and a Lion at the same time, gives the opportunity for current and former Leos, who have been a Leo for at least a year and a day, to make a gradual transition to becoming a Lion. This would allow them to slowly leave behind the Leo Brand and feel more comfortable with the Lions one. In my point of view, it’s a potential opportunity for those 26 years old or older Leos who have had the opportunity to serve as district and/or multiple district officers, so maybe they don´t have so much leadership opportunities at the Leo Program   but they are very passionate about the program and feel part of the institution.

We should acknowledge the existence of a generational distance between Leos and Lions, which sometimes gets in the way of a good relationship and understanding from both sides. Considering the high average age of Lions, it makes it difficult and less attractive for 25 to 31 year olds to join directly (without being a Leo previously). Leos in this age range have an invaluable knowledge that is really valuable and it would be important to keep in the program. The key is to find a way for them to share back that knowledge. However, currently it is difficult for them to find a role from which they could contribute, especially if they had previously already held leadership positions and are now not offered similar possibilities..

On the other hand, Lions need young visions and who better to provide them other than Leos? Most of them have joined the program 8 to 10 years ago and possess incredible knowledge about the Leo Program, the Lions Club institution, of formal management and mainly (and for me most importantly) the experience of human management. They serve as advisers for both Leos and Lions. Therefore, we should strive to promote cooperation of teams composed by Leos and Lions both internally and externally, as this would attract new potential young candidates.

Enhancing the inclusion of young people, is what allows us as an institution to project ourselves into the future and better understand the reality of our current community.

Being double membership allows a Leo to continue enjoying that “Leo passion”, working and participating at Leo events in that particular and flexible way that characterizes and motivates Leo members. This way, they can keep that “Leo fire” burning, but are gradually increasing their level of participation on Lionism.

The “risks” of double membership, as any policy, program or plan, is the human behavior itself of misrepresenting and misusing the image of double membership for other purposes that are not the growth and improvement of the institution. In this meaning, we need to mention the occurances of “conflicts of interests”. In my view, a possible conflict of interest could arise if a member holds a decision making position in both Leo and Lion movements simultaneously. For example, if you are still a Leo, being a Lion member at the same time you cannot be a Lion Club President, District/ Multiple District Leo Chairperson, Leo Club Advisor, Zone Chairperson, District Governor. And from the other side (Leo Program) I understand you could not hold a position in a Board of Directors (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) at any Leo level, Leo Club, Leo District/ Multiple Leo District. On my understanding do not represent a problem those merely administrative or coordinating Cabinet positions.

Being a Leo and a Lion member at the same time is not a real problem, the main worry for the organization is to be able to see what is “behind the curtain” and visualize the potential that it has in terms of being attractive for extremely valuable partners. Thinking about those Leos, who for reasons of age must leave the Leo Program in the near future, we should offer them the opportunity to continue serving in the organization that saw and helped them grow in community leadership. We must improve the Leo goal “leading for life” and this gives an opportunity for Lions to demonstrate that the “for life” part could be achieved in Lionism.

Formal things
1- The Leo to Lion transition program is a Lions Club affiliation program, that offers current and former Leos, above the age of legal majority and below the age of 30 and who have been as Leo for at least a year and a day, to join an existing Lions Club or charter a new Lions Club, giving them Credit for Leo years of service, an entrance fee waiver and International dues discount through the age of 30.
2- The Leo Club membership ends either once the person reaches the age of 31, by their own decision or by the decision of their club.
3- “Leo-Lion” does not refer by itself to the person possessing a double membership, instead it refers to the Lions transition program, and thus about the membership type as many others (e.g. regular member, family member, student member)

The Leo to Lion transition program makes it possible for those current Leos between 18 and 31 years old to join a Lion Club and remain affiliated with the Leo Club.

It’s not mandatory for the Leo to give up their membership in their Leo Club to apply for the Leo to Lion transition program. Considering that a requirement to join a Lions Club is to be over 18 and membership in a Leo Club ends when the person turns 31, it is nowhere specified that the Leo Club affiliation ends if the person joins a Lions Club.

When the Leo to Lion transition program was originally created approximately 10 years ago, there was no thought of the possibility of having a double membership. This is the reason why the “ll2form” speaks of “ex Leo under 30” or “ex Leo over 30”, This form has been the same and has not been revised in recent years.

In the meantime the double membership has become popular mainly in Constitutional Area III (Latin America and the Caribbean) and VI (India, Asia, Africa and the Middle East). Where applied, it is encouraged to further develop and formalize the double membership. Meanwhile, as it is not stated otherwise, the International Board of Directors in its November 2017 meeting decided on a recommendation on the issue in which it leaves to each District’s freedom whether or not they accept double memberships.

That said, in the same way as at the international level, under the criteria that what is not prohibited is allowed, as long as Districts do not specifically regulate it, double memberships would be allowed. In this regard we can see that there are Leo-Lions with double memberships in the countries that have already adopted the program, such as Uruguay, Perú, Argentina, India, Egypt.

To finish, let me introduce Leo Multiple District “J” (Uruguay) Past Presidents,

Being a Leo                            Being a Lion
(having fun)                            (trying to look serious)

(L to R) Me, f.y 2014-2015. Fernando Plachicoff, f.y. 2013-2014. Ana Belo Aita, f.y. 2012-13 Federico Silva, f.y. 2011-2012.

We all Leo and Lion joining Montevideo Ansina Leo Club and Montevideo Ansina Lions Club.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”
Let’s adjust our sails and navigate towards the future together!

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