We went to #seanoPORTOnity: ILOs at LEPF2019 Portugal

It was time again to meet most of us at LEO Europa Pre-Forum (or simply LEPF) in the beautiful city of Porto in Portugal. This LEPF gave place to one of the face-to-face meetings of International Liaison Officers (ILOs) from Europe and the Mediterranean countries. 15 ILOs could attend LEPF2019, we spent a nice weekend together and had a very productive meeting!

In the first part of the meeting, we talked about our ILO Budget, we started to think about the ILO-Board for 2019/2020 and we gave some updates about each Task Team (European Activity, Promotion and Lessons Learned)

But most importantly: we put the focus on the new European Activity! Being at the beginning of the road, we have to stay mysterious a bit and keep its main topic in secret, but we promise we won’t keep you waiting much longer. We know that our long brainstorming and hard work will bear its fruit. Now it’s all about the details and planning, hopefully we can gladden you with a fancy logo and with a fine-sounding slogan very soon.

Of course, we keep LEO4Green, so we are encouraging those LEO clubs who haven’t joined yet to send us their Manifesto.

At the end of the meeting, we shared some information about the upcoming international LEO events, such as the 2nd International Charity Weekend feat. Austrian LEOs, the LEO Convention of France, the Dutch LEO Seminar, or the LEO MED 2019 in Tunisia.

Last but not least, we were talking about the International Lions Convention which this year will take place in Milan, Italy. We are happy and proud to say that many ILO is planning to participate.

Right after the meeting, we went to the magnificent beach of the Atlantic Ocean to take some awesome pictures, just like these ones below 😉

Dorina Szalagyi ILO Board Member


Skopje Lions European Forum

So let us tell you about Lions Europa Forum in Skopje. It was great experience, with all the Leos, Lions and friends that came to this international event, it was great example how Leos and Lions working together hand in hand, to achieve great things on district and international level. All together was around 125 Leos, from all across the globe, with lot of ILOs among them. There was presentation of ILO Council that was held by Dorina Szalagyi (also ILO Board member) where she explained structure of ILO Council. There were also few debates with Lions at World Café tables, they shared their way of thinking and shared ideas to Leos also accepted few ideas from Leos too. We are happy that we as Leos are welcomed at these kind of international events and always happy to help with organizing. We can’t wait for EF in Tallinn, Estonia. But for more info you can contact ILOs in your country’s, write to ILO Council, or you can ask your sponsoring Lions club to help you with all the information.

Thank you Macedonian Leos and Lions for hosting us it, was truly an amazing experience.

And special thanks to Andrej Maršič for organizing Leo workshops in EF and helping us to share our point of view on organization and guiding Leos at the event!



LEF in Hungary report

It was awesome to meet with old friends and get to know new ones, to participate on interesting workshops, to have crazy parties, a wonderful gala night and most importantly, to have an amazing social activity at LEF2018. We were sharing lot of #HUNforgettable moments and memories, see you at the next LEF in Portugal!

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German Multi District Seminar

For German Leos there are three big national events each year: multi-district convention, the Leo Academy, and the multi-district seminar, which German Leos call MD-Seminar. This year the MD-Seminar took place in Heiligenhaus in North Rhine-Westphalia and was organized by the Leo-Club Niederberg. As the club, which organizes the event changes every year, the location of the MD-Seminar is different every year. This is why in 2017 the MD-Seminar took place in Aschaffenburg in Bavaria and in 2019 it will be in Schaumburg North Rhine-Westphalia. Even if the location
changes, the schedule is, more or less, similar every year. On Friday evenings Leos meet for dinner and a get together party. Saturdays is the most important day at a MD-Seminar, as Leos are attending different Leo-specific and non-Leo-specific seminars and a gala dinner in the evening. However, on Sundays there is only a small meeting in the morning with Leos leaving around noon to get back to their home towns. The MD-Seminar in Heiligenhaus followed that structure. On Friday evening the Leo-Club Niederberg welcomed all Leos with burgers, fries and beer followed by a party in a night club nearby. After breakfast on Saturday morning the seminars started. Every Leo attends two seminars, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The topics of the seminars are either Leo- specific or non-Leo-specific. Among the Leo-specific topics that were offered at this years MD-Seminar were for example “Leadership in Leo”, “Leo for Newcomers” or “How to take good pictures of Leo activities with your smartphone.” On the other hand, non-Leo-specific topics were offered, such as first aid training and inheritance law in Germany. Parallel to the afternoon seminars, the multi-district council meeting took place. In this meeting all district presidents, the multi-district board and its officers come together to discuss recent topics in the multi-district. Just a few hours after the afternoon session another highlight of the MD-Seminar started: The gala dinner where, as a little special, we also celebrated the 30 th anniversary of the Leo- Club Niederberg. This circumstance made it an amazing evening with good food, good drinks, fantastic music and amazing party people. After a short but fun night, on Saturday morning the last session of the weekend took place. Instead of the ususal morning meeting, this year the Leos attended a very interesting compulsory instruction on data security and privacy. A little tired, but happy and filled with great memories, all 250 Leos left Heiligenhaus on Sunday afternoon to get back home. Over all it was an amazing weekend with Leo friends coming together.






The Leo Exchange is a new project to discover other cultures and to make new Leo friends! MD 108 Italy has launched the new service called Leo Exchange, designed to foster the friendship among Leos across the world. Leo members aged between 22 and 30 years of all Countries who decide to take part in this program are invited to visit Italy for a period from 2 to 7 nights and to become guests of Italian Leo members. By the principle of reciprocity, the Leos are then required to offer hospitality to one of the Italian
Leo participants in their territory for a stay between 2 and 7 nights as well. During this year, the program will be considered a pilot project, and, for this reason, it will be available only and exclusively for the Leo multiple Districts belonging to the European area that make express request with the document already given to the ILOs. More information will be available after the definition of the list of the participating Countries.

Lions Youth Exchange Staff


Dear Leo friends, many of you are probably lucky enough to have already participated in the Lions Youth Exchange program. You may know that it is an experience that can completely change your life, you may know that for most of the destinations in the world the age limit is 22…that’s a pity for the Leo members…right? You may think that now you are too old for taking part in such a service… But this is totally wrong! The Lions Youth Exchange Program still offers many opportunities to us: in fact, you can always
be a host family for the participating youths, or a great Staff member in a Lions Youth Exchange Camp, in your Country or even abroad! The demand of staff leaders is very high in every Country that has a Lions Youth Exchange Camp and if we want to keep this program alive, then we must help the Lions in its organization. Being a staff member means to work side by side with the Lions that are organizing the Camp, it
means that you should be creative enough to teach fun games to the campers, it means being able to create a united group, it means hard work but a lot of fun at the same time! Every participant will develop great leadership skills as well as problem solving abilities, by spending a period from 1 to 2 weeks surrounded by youths from all the Countries of the world. For further information don’t hesitate to contact me!

Letizia Vanelli

Coordinator of the International Area

Leos from New Zealand

2018 has been a fantastic year for the Waihi College Leos from Waihi, New Zealand!
We are a small club consisting of 10 members but our passion for the community is enormous. We find ourself involved in almost every community event and are often approached by members of the winder community who are seeking committed and reliable volunteers. We work very closely with the Waihi Lions Club and view them as our mentors and role models in the community. The Waihi College Leos take a great sense of pride in working for the greater good and can be spotted around town in our awesome Leo T-shirts. The year was off to a great start for the Waihi College Leos when we attended the Annual Lions District conference where we weeded around native trees that had been planted the previous year by other Leo Clubs. The theme for the district was ‘Ignite the Passion’, provided by District Governor Arvind Raman. We were given the opportunity to meet other Leos from our district and discussed our clubs active roles in the community. We assisted the Waihi Lions in placing a bid for the Waihi club to host the conference in 2020. In the last few months alone, the Waihi College Leos volunteered as waitstaff at a Lions charity dinner for our local St John ambulance that raised over $10,000 dollars to go towards their building fund. We also helped out at a huge rubbish clean up in our town that was a part of New Zealand’s National Cleanup week. Along with 160 other volunteers we picked up over 100 large bags of rubbish and recycling. Nationwide, 51,000 volunteers took part and cleaned up 605 different areas, collecting over 70,000Kg of litter! We hope that we can form some great bonds with other Leo Clubs from around the globe and look forward to potentially working on some international projects together!

Leo4Green in Serbia

Leos from Leo club Mileva Maric Einstein from Novi Sad, Serbia organised their first Leo4Green project. They collected few bags of plastic caps and donated them to local organisation which sells plastic caps to recycling centers and uses money to buy wheelchairs for disabled children. This is an amazing way to help both those in need and our planet.