The Country Reports: what is it and how to read it!

The Country Reports are a set of statistics from data collected by the ILO Council used as a tool to trace and follow the movement of the European Leos and identify strengths and challenges each country is facing. By continuously gathering data and subsequently creating and analyzing statistics, the ILO Council is able to activate mechanisms to help troubled countries. Furthermore, the ILO Council can identify which measures have been successful and should be implemented in the future.

The result? Strengthening the European Leo Movement all the way down to the individual Leo.

How to read the graphs?

In the first one we see in light blue how many Leos there are in the different countries. In a slightly darker blue we see how many Leos take part to National Conventions and in blue how many participate to LEF. From the statistics we can see how The Netherlands have not only great participation to their NC but also many participants to the Lef, with respect to many other countries.

The Leo Index

The Leo Index is calculated based on how many Leos there are with respect to the population of their country of origin. We can notice, for example, how notwithstanding the fact that in Italy has the highest number of Leos, their index is only 59 while in Slovenia the index goes up to 174.

Quality over Quantity

In this case it’s possible to see the relationship between Leos that participate to the LEF and the NC with respect to the total number of Leo in the country. In this case we can see how the Netherlands is the one with the highest number of members that take part to both events.

At the end we have the percentage of the main challenges of Leos.

First place with 56.25% there is the need for new members at a district level, followed by the loss of members when they reach 30 years of age. At the last place we find the collaboration between LEO and LIONS.

Results of 2016/2017

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Results of 2014/2015

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