LEOs go Wheee!


After Last years success we want to continue this year with this great Activity!

The International Liaisons Officers of Europe and Mediterranean LEOs invite all the LEOs to join to the Common European Activity of 2014/15: The WheelMap-activity!


WheelMap is an Internet based map in which has been added information about the accessibility of the places for wheelchair users. The map helps wheelchair users to plan their routes and generally make their everyday life easier which also increases their independence. The WheelMap has also smartphone and tablet application hence the map can be used easily also on the move.

In order to become exhaustive and truly useful the map needs to have loads of information from all over the world. Hence the WheelMap-project needs help from the community. In the Common European Activity ILOs invite the LEOs of Europe and Mediterranean area – and why not everywhere! – to join together to add information of accessibility of places to the app to add it’s usability and help the wheelchair users all over the world!

Read more about the non-profit WheelMap: http://wheelmap.org/en


How-to-do the activity:

The kick-start date is the 1st of March 2015! So on this day or during the spring before the end of June gather your LEO club together and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the WheelMap.org/en or open the application on your iPhone or Android and sign in to the WheelMap
  2. Click on a place
  3. Mark the wheelchair accessibility of the place by choosing the right status: green, yellow or red*
  4. Report to your ILO how many places you marked on the map
  5. That’s it!

Green: the place is totally accessible by wheelchair. Restaurants, bars and cafes also have a toilet accessible by wheelchair.

Yellow: the place has maximum of 7 cm high steps or only most of the rooms are accessible.

Red: the place has more than 7 cm high steps and the most important rooms aren’t accessible by wheelchair.

For more information about the LEO activity please see the Facebook page


Print out activity’s introduction on A4_page

Read more questions and answers about the activity here

Official Article on wheelmap.org about the Wheelmap Activity of the Slovenian LEOs:


Official LEO goes Wheee 2014/15 Flyer (english)