European Activity: Leo4Green

What is Leo4Green?

Leo4Green is a service activity that was born in MD108 Italy and was adopted by the ILO Council as the new European Activity at the Pre-Leo Europa Forum that has been held in Pärnu in January 2016.

The goal of the activity is to improve environmental awareness by promoting environmental friendly service activities like cleaning beaches and parks, planting of new trees, charity food collections for pet shelters and many mores!

As the European Leos, all united, we wish for a greener environment and a better planet. These wishes can only be accomplished with the help of all Leos Clubs and by inspiring our local and national communities.

Is your Leo Club interested? Join our Leo green movement today!

For any doubt, visit our Facebook Page Leo4Green – European Activity for more information or contact us through our official email:

The Manifesto
Signing the Manifesto is the first step to become part of the Leo4Green family. It is our way of saying, as Leos, that we want to make our planet a better place!! Wish to read more about why signing the Manifesto is so important? Click here!

Want to join? You can download the Leo4Green Manifesto right here, right now! Read the instructions below and then click on the following link:
The Manifesto

We are waiting just for you!



Ideas for Activities

You want to join our activity, but have no idea on how to actually contribute? Here a list of possible activities you can organize with your club to express your Leo4Green spirit!

Each list contains activities of three kinds:

  • Awareness Raising,
  • Fund Raising and
  • Hands-On.


  • Clean Water Awareness Day is on 22nd March: Leo Clubs can organize activities with children at schools/kindergarten to show them the importance of clean water and how it affects our lives. Leo Clubs can also have a stand in the city to raise awareness on the importance of clean water by providing bystanders with information and stories.
  •  Leo Clubs can clean up lakes shores, sea sides or any other near-water area in their cities. Just ask the town-hall where Leo power is needed!
  • Leo Clubs can raise funds to invest in projects concerning clean water. There are several donation aims such as PAUL (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving) and Clean water straws. Both are used to purify water in catastrophe areas.


  • Leo Clubs can give out trash bags at frequently used places (like pic-nic areas, parks or highly touristic areas) to give people the opportunity to clean up right away.
  • Leo Clubs can clean up a certain area of the city. Just ask the town-hall where Leo power is needed!
  • Leo Clubs can plant trees or take care of some neglected green areas in their towns by getting in touch with the town-hall and asking where help is needed.
  • Leo Clubs can raise funds to devolve to the “Buy a bracelet for a tree” movement ( for each bought bracelet a tree is planted.
  • Leo Clubs can plant special plants like lavender and basil to help to increase the population of bees, one of the most important insects for our eco-system.
  • Leo Clubs can decided to reduce the amount of printed paper in their Club/District and promote for the same to happen in their local communities.


  • Leo Clubs can ask people in-front of grocery stores or pet stores to buy one more bag of dog food to be donated. The food this way can be given to dog shelters or homeless people with dogs. The same thing can be organized for cat shelters.
  • Leo Clubs can ask in dog shelters to help caring for the dogs by walking, playing or washing the dogs.
  • Leo Clubs can organize events to raise awareness over endangered animal species or work with children in schools for the same objective.
  • Leo Clubs can raise funds to be donated to dog shelters or other animal heavens that are in need for funds or in need or reparations (the Leo Clubs can handle the projects directly, raising funds to assist in the repairs).


  • Leo Clubs can spend the day together by riding bikes and discovering city. It also helps the club wellbeing!
  • Leo Clubs can promote walking or the use of public transport in their local communities.
  • Leo Clubs members can decide to share car rides to participate to Leo Club meeting or any other Leo Club event, in order to reduce the usage of cars and the consequent pollution.

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