International Calendar

International Calender is a good way for us to keep ourselves updated, what Leo events are organized throughout the Fiscal year in different countries.

You will get basic information like: where?, when? and what?.

All Africa Conference ( LEO AND LIONS)
Jan 31 @ 11:19 – Feb 3 @ 12:19
Portuguese National Convention @ Espinho
Apr 6 @ 09:30 – Apr 8 @ 13:00
LEF 2018 @ Hotel Visegrad
Aug 25 – Sep 1 all-day
World Cleanup Day @ Planet Earth
Sep 15 – Sep 16 all-day

World Cleanup Day is a movement of likeminded people, who are working towards one goal: to help save our Planet from trash. An increasing number of people are aware that pollution is suffocating the environment, and an increasing number of people are realising that each individual can help and make a difference.

World Cleanup Day begins on 15 September at 10am in New Zealand and moves as a massive cleanup wave through 24 time zones and ends 36 hours later in Hawaii.

So far, millions of volunteers, thousands of communities, organizations and likeminded corporates from at least 150 countries will will join forces for the World’s biggest positive civic collaboration – cleaning up their roads, parks, beaches, forests, and riversides.

Preparations for World Cleanup Day are well underway in all participating countries and it is promising to be a world-changing event. For now, we invite every individual to help us by downloading our app ( and using it to mark mismanaged trash you find in your neighbourhood. The data will gather on World Waste Platform ( and will help us to understand the magnitude of the problem, but also prepare for the day and help organise trucks to take the trash to be disposed of properly, mobilise people and prepare for any specific situations.

When the World Cleanup Day is over, we will continue with the Keep It Clean Plan, to make sure the change created will be sustainable and keep moving towards a trash-free world.

We believe that every individual can make a change, and if we all unite for one goal, we can create a positive change. Join a team in your country and be part of the change:

Seminar and National Convention Denmark
Oct 12 – Oct 14 all-day

Last day for registration is on 5.10.2018

National Convention Estonia
Oct 12 – Oct 14 all-day
The National Dutch Leo Action
Oct 20 all-day

Once a year, all the dutch Leos do the same service activity in their own hometown. This year ‘resuscitation’ is the topic, what we will do exactly will be planed by Leo Club Meppel. When there is more info, I will update you. For questions or if you want to attend, don’t hesitate and send me an Email.

LIONS Europa Forum 2018
Oct 25 – Oct 27 all-day

The Lions Europa Forum 2018 will take place in Skopje from October 25th to October 27th 2018.

We look forward to welcoming Lions and Leos from all over Europe and from across the world to come in Skopje and to be a part of the very significant Europa Forum in the European Lions’ history because the Lions Europa Forum 2018 is the first Lions Europa Forum with a female International President of Lions Clubs International. Even more, our dear Gudrun Yngvadottir, who will be the first woman International President, is from Europe, from MD 109 Iceland. That should be a major reason to come to Skopje in the biggest number possible from all global Districts and to join us in the expression of our support and pride that the first woman International President is from Europe.

Multi-district seminar Germany
Oct 26 – Oct 28 all-day
OSEAL Leo Forum 2019
Jan 11 – Jan 13 all-day

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