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Project Type

Budget in €

Size of organising group

Target Group



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Ramadan packing
Leos prepare food packs and these will be distributed in rural areas for families in need.
To support families with some food.
Families in need.
Get prices for the pack items, and then choose the best offer and buy the packs items, plastic bag for the packs. Transportation to transport products from the store or the factory to the location of the packing.
The price for one pack is around 50 LE to 55 LE (about 10 Euros). Transportation for around 100 LE (about 15 Euros).
District Project in Egypt

Ramadan packs distribution
Leos distribute the food packs to families in rural areas. Average number of packs is 500, each about 15 kilograms.
To distribute the packs, what have been already packed to the families in need.
People who live in the rural areas.
As many Leos as possible.
Informing the contact person in the rural area about the date and time. The contact person will inform the families in need to pick up on that date the packs. Transportation to bring packs from the storage location to the location of distribution.
Transportation starts from 150 LE (Avrg. 20 euro) and more, it depends how far the rural area is.
District project in Egypt

Visiting orphans
Leos visit orphanages, distribute biscuits, juices and sweets for kids. They play different games and socialize with the children.
Leos visit orphanages to play with them and cheer them up.
Orphanages and orphans
Depends on the number of orphans, but usually about 7 Leos.
Leos offer biscuits, juice and sweets for kids. Sometimes Leos bring presents and games. In some cases Leos get different things that differ from one orphanage to another depending on their needs (Games, beds, mattresses, etc).
For biscuits, juices and sweets, the budget for each child is 5 LE. So 30×5= 150 LE (About 20 Euros).
Leo Club of Heliopolis and Leo Club Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Day out with orphans
Leos prepare an orphans day out in club. Leos get different orphanages. It is like a carnival day for children. Leos prepare different stations like drawing, wheel, and playground, etc. Organize kids show, presents and games and offer to children breakfast and lunch.
Leos try to cheer the orphans by taking them out to play and learn new experiences.
About 30 Leos For different purposes.
For drawing station: papers, colors, tape, drawing materials, pencils and plastic bags (to cut it in such a way to be put on the children clothes to keep them clean). Presents, which differ from one project to another, but usually: school bags, clothes, shoes, etc. Distribute sweets, biscuits, and chocolates. Offer to them breakfast and lunch. First aid for emergency.
This activity is usually sponsored by the club (social and sporting club). Leos only have to prepare and organize, while the club pays the expenses.
District project in Egypt

Elderly visits
Leos prepare visits to the elderly. Sometimes the visit is about socialization between the Leos and elderly and sometimes Leos bring games and play with them.
Spending time with elderly people.
Depending on the number of elderly, but an average of 5- 8 Leos.
Leos prepare baskets of fruits or fruit salad for each elderly. Plastic plates for fruits or fruit salad. Get games like chess, bingo and others.
For one elderly is around 8 LE to 10 LE. So 30×10=300 LE, which equals 45-50 Euros.
Leo Club of Heliopolis, Leo Club Giza Pyramids, Leo Club North Cairo, Egypt. Each club individually.

Sight First
Leos take children from orphanages to the ophthalmologist clinic for an eye examination. Leos offer glasses and eye drops in case of need.
Help orphanages with sight problems
Children from orphanages
2 or 3 Leos, who take kids with their own cars to the clinic.
Glasses and eye drops are sponsored.
It depends on the donations of optician stores, which donate glasses and we buy the eye drops, if needed from the club budget.
Leo Club of Heliopolis, Egypt

Medical Convoy
Leos organize an event to help diagnose, serve medicine and service for poor people in rural areas.
Offer medical help in rural areas.
Diseased people, who live in the rural areas.
This activity needs a large number of Leos and other participants – especially doctors; in order to examine people and diagnose their problem, prescribe them needed medications. The rest of other Leos to organize the paper work, entrance of patients.
Medicine and medical equipment. Part of the action is the preparation of the local clinic and organizing the patients.
It is an expensive project; it costs around 1000 LE (150 Euros) to organize the local clinic and to organize the doctors, who will examine the patients. Finances are needed also to buy the medication.
District activity in Egypt, joint project with some other NGO, such as Rotaract.

Support of a farmhouse in the alps
Leos help with the construction of a part of a farmhouse in the alps. Activity is organized together with Lions.
Support at the construction of a farmhouse
At least 6
Construction tools
None, if the transportation is for free.
Leo Club Zentralschweiz, Switzerland

Visit of the Animal Park
Visiting an animal park with kids from families, who need financial support from the state. Leos organized the transportation and showed the kids around the park.
Organize a nice day for poor children.
Kids from poor families.
At least 7 (depends on the amount of kids)
It is difficult to get in contact / get the address of kids from poor families; you need to organize the transportation, food and the entrance into the park.
400-500 CHF (about 380 Euros)
Leo Club Zentralschweiz, Switzerland

Blood giving day
Leos went to the Red Cross to give blood.
Give blood for the Red Cross.
People who need blood.
As many as possible.
LEO Club Zentralschweiz, Switzerland

Clothes distribution
Leos distribute clothes for people in rural areas and sometimes in orphanages. Leos get clothes from the factory for low prices or collect clothes that are still good. (2000 were distributed).
Distribute clothes for people in need.
People, who live in the rural areas.
2 or 3 Leos to bring the clothes to a responsible contact person in a rural area, who will distribute the collected clothes. For dividing the clothes with Leos by clothes sizes and age range, it takes about 10 Leos.
Get clothes from the factory for low prices or collect clothes that are still good. In case of big amount of clothes, transportation is needed from the storage room to where the distribution place is.
Usually it does not cost that much, because either we get the clothes from the factories as donations or get the clothes from Leos and our friends. Transportation may sometimes cost.
Leo Club of Heliopolis, Egypt

Renovation of kids playground or nursery
Leos get kids games for the playground for two orphanages – each has an average of 250 orphans.
Renovate the playground in orphanage home.
2 or 3 Leos are enough. They visit the nursery and decide with the club, what they will do, and go buy the games and help prepare the landscape. And at the day of the transportation of games others Leos can join.
Get kids games for the playground.
It cost around 3000 LE equals to 400 Euros for buying some games for the playground
Leo Club of Heliopolis, Leo Club Giza Pyramids & Leo Alpha Club of Heliopolis, Egypt

School bags
Leos buy 1000 school bags and distribute them to the poor children, who go to school, but cannot afford it.
Distribute schoolbags to children
Children who cannot afford it.
5 Leos to buy the bags and about 10 to distribute them to the children.
Offers for good school bags.
Cost were about 5000 LE, which equals to 400 Euros.
Leo Club of Heliopolis, Egypt

Building Cat Houses (Animal shelter)
Leos built cat houses (animal shelters), to protect cats from cold, etc. They place the shelters on different streets and they check them and put some cat food in them.
To protect the street animals.
Street cats
Styrofoam, scissors, paint, tape.
Leo Club Fenerbahce, Turkey

Treasure hunt by car
Participants build a team that is equipped with a map of places where they have to go by car and correctly answer questions and pass tests. Along the way there are hidden timekeepers ready to record the time taken. Team, that arrives first at the finish line having respected the speed limit and having answered all questions correctly wins. The race lasts two hours and takes place in the countryside surrounding Lodi. Every participant pays a fee to join the challenge.
Raise awareness on road safety and raise funds for a local project chosen by the club.
Car lovers young and old, who have a driving license.
20-25 people
Permission of the municipality, stopwatches, flags and lots of imagination.
Financial help from the Lions Club and from a few businesses and shops from the city of Lodi.
Leo Club Lodi, Italy

Meal for homeless people
Club members cooperate with the association “Opera Cardinal Ferrari”, that houses the homeless and gives them something to eat 365 days in a year. Every time the Leo Club members are there, they help by serving the food and even buying food, for which there is the biggest need, such as fruits, milk, and vegetables.
Serve food to people, who are in need, once a month and on Christmas Day.
Homeless and needy people.
5-10 people
Good will and time to devote to others.
The Leo Club and sponsoring Lions Club financially support the project.
Leo Club Milano Ambrosiano, Italy. And other Leo Clubs in Italy.

Bingo with elderly people
The Leo Club is organizing the presents for the winners, and is arranging the coffee/tea.
Giving the elderly people a nice evening, and give them company with young people so they can talk about their stories.
Lonely elderly people.
Prizes for the winners (mostly collected from the flee markets).
A small amount to arrange the prizes.
Leo Club Groningen, Netherlands


Cancer Awarness
Leos invite cancer doctors from United Kingdom to come and give a cancer awareness and palliative cancer session to Egyptian doctors and nurses.
Give information to Egyptian doctors and nurses about cancer.
Egyptian doctors and nurses
5-10 Leos to organize the session in a conference room and to advertise and invite the Egyptian doctors and nurses and the media.
Conference room for 5 days. Translation of the awareness brochures into Arabic.
Costs are about 5000 LE for the conference room in the hotel. 1000 LE for translation and printing the brochures. All together about 900 Euros.
Leo Club of Heliopolis, Egypt

Child Cancer Day
Leos visit the children sick of cancer in one of the biggest children cancer hospitals in the world, which is situated in Cairo.
Spend time with the children in a hospital.
Children with cancer.
All Leos are there to play with the children and cheer them up and encourage them on their tough mission to get well again.
Games, encouraging stories to help them, some juices and biscuits, kids DJ and Muppet show.
Costs are about 2000 LE, which equals to 300 Euros.
Leo Club Heliopolis, Leo Club North Cairo, Rotaract, USA Embassy and UNICEF, Egypt

Orphans Dental Care
Leos visit some orphanages to check up on the orphan’s teeth, give them dental awareness sessions and Leos give them toothbrushes and toothpaste as a gift.
Community Service
Average of 5 Leo Dentists and for example 2-3 other Leos, to organize the orphans during the check up.
Dentists, tooth brushes and toothpaste.
Sponsoring from toothpaste company for toothbrushes and toothpaste.
Leo Club North Cairo, Egypt

Searching for missing people
This activity is bringing together people, especially seniors, who have lost contact with their relatives.
Bring people, who have lost contact with each other back together.
People who have lost contact with each other.
4 Leos
Leo Club Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

New Year for children in the Moscow City Hospital
The celebration for the children, who do not have this capability. Bedridden children with injuries and fractures.
Social activity
The children who were hospitalized before the New Year.
4 Leo Holiday actors: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Petrushka and Bunny. Musical accompaniment: accordion player, guitarist, 2 Leos. Doctors, 2 people from the hospital or 2 Leos, if they are doctors. Two assistants Leos.
Costumes, make up, presents for children, Christmas toys, Christmas tree, agree with the chief hospital of the celebration, write the script of the holiday, to find riddles, songs and poems.
Need money for presents, although the children’s parents bring some presents.
Leo Club Moscow Stream, Russia

Painting competition among children with disabilities
Children paint the world they wish.
Social activity
Depending on the amount of children, who participate, on average 1-3 Leos are needed to help the children.
=- Painting stuff (Paints, paper, brushes, etc) – Presents for the winners – Date for the event
Depends on the number of children, on average 40.- Euros for 30 children.
Leo Club Fuete, Russia


Car Wash 1
Leos wash people’s cars at the club’s parking. The car wash fundraising is organized to collect funds for one or more projects. Leos introduce themselves, explain the activity and distribute brochures about the Leo Club program.
Fundraising project and to find new members.
Visitors of the club.
16-20 Leos, the more, the better. Two Leos for each part of parking to give people brief information about Leo Club activities and about the car wash fundraising. Other Leos are divided into groups to wash the cars.
Car wash tools, that Leos have every time: sponge, cleaning tools for glass. Get soap, cleaning liquid for glass.
Soap and cleaning liquid for glass for about 100 LE, equals 15 Euros.
Joint project between: Leo club of Heliopolis, Leo Club North Cairo and new clubs – Leo Club Rehab and Leo Club Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Car Wash 2
At International Leo Day (5 December) and National Leo Day (10 April), Leos made a deal with a car washing company, to organize a car washing activity at this company. Car company took half of the price and Leos took the other half of price.
Help the children in prison, who have to live with their mothers.
Flyers to promote the activity.
Leo Club Multi District in Turkey

Christmas bazaars
Leos sell products for Christmas at Christmas party. It is a good project for publicity and marketing for the Leo Club Program. Leos use banners, flags and distribute brochures. Also they present the club activity for people, when they buy.
Fundraising for Christmas packs activity.
Visitors of Christmas parties and gatherings.
Leos rent a table in the Christmas event. Arrange products, get materials to prepare handmade crafts. Get plastic bags for products. Print brochures to be distributed during the event. Hang a club flag and banners during the event. In case of availability put the logo of the club on the ticket.
Usually the costs are divided – for renting of the table in the bazaar (300 LE = 45 Euros) and buying the products, which will be sold.
District Project in Egypt

Charity concert/theater play
Charity concerts or theatre plays are organized with the purpose to raise different amounts of money (could be from about 1500 to 10.000 Euros) for a particular purpose – to help an individual/family (for basic needs like winter oil, paying bills or special needs like building a lift for wheelchair, house repair and so on). The money can also be donated to schools, organizations, help centers (for summer camps, technical equipment, etc).
Raising bigger amounts of money for a particular purpose.
A wider audience (from 20 to 60 years), that the concert hall/theatre is as full as possible. Therefore the concerts usually have more popular music and the theatre plays are usually these, that are popular at that time.
The more, the better.
You need a place where the concert/play takes place. Usually it is a local theatre/opera/culture center or a sport hall. That way you do not need any extra equipment, because everything is already there. Then you need things for promotion, like flyers, posters, etc.
You need finances for: – the musician/play (except if you are lucky and they do it for free) – the hall (which is good if you make a deal that you pay the minimum possible fee, for instance just for cleaning and stuff, not also for renting) – playing public authorized music (for concerts I do not know how that is in other countries, but in Slovenia you have to pay some fee to the Public institute for science and art)
Different Leo Clubs in Slovenia

Once a year on an evening in August, the Leo Club of Krems organizes a Boat Trip down the Danube. Around 300 people board the boat in Krems and spend an amazing evening with dinner and live music on the river. The highlight is a huge firework in Tulln before the boat heads back to Krems. The event has been a success the past 2 years and is going to take place again this summer.
To raise money which will be donated to needy people, to promote Leos in Austria.
Local people between 30 and 70. Leos and Lions from all over Austria.
3 – 5
Boat charter, promotion material, catering, live music during the trip.
You need sponsors to finance the boat charter, the buffet and the promotion.
Leo Club Krems, Austria

Food sale with the local Lions Club
Leo Club Rainbow C!mpulung Muscel with the help of the local Lions Club are working together to raise a significant amount of money for awarding students with scholarships. They sell beer and meat.
Raising money for giving scholarships to students.
The persons living in Câmpulung Muscel.
Food and drinks.
Lions Club C!mpulung “Negru Vod!” coordinates the project with the help of Leo Club Rainbow Câmpulung Muscel, both from Romania.

Idea Fare
Leos sell: books, toys, jewelry. Played with children, offered them balloons, painted their faces and played with them. The raised money is going to be used for an anti-drug and anti-anorexia campaign.
Raising money for other projects, make people living in Buz!u know about Leo Club Buz!u “Grifon”, socializing with children.
Children and parents from the parks.
Toys, jewelries, books, paper and balloons.
Leo Club Buz!u “Grifon”, Romania

Children of the World
This activity is a joint project with Lions and we collect money that goes directly to the charity. We stand at a mall, where loads of people pass by everyday.
To collect money for the charity, which help children for better health, education and decent future.
Charity moneyboxes and some banners.
Lions help with getting the supplies.
Leo Club Värmland, Sweden

Mulled wine shed
The service consists of setting up a wooden shed in the city center of Biella, where mulled wine and hot beverages are served during the Christmas period (including Christmas Eve) in exchange for donations from passers-by. This service has been dealt with by members of Leo Club Biella since 1987
It has the purpose of offering a hot drink and a smile to the town’s people in need, as well as raising funds for the clubs chosen yearly service.
Passers-by of every age
All Club members (15 people) take turns (2-3 people per shift) in the morning or afternoon up to Christmas Eve.
Male members of the club deal with the construction of the shed with wooden panels, whilst girls are entrusted with the cleaning (the shed has always successfully passed all sanitary checks) and the shopping: for example, 30 kilos of sugar and 300 liters of wine were used up in 2010.
This activity is fully self-financed by the club
Leo Club Biella, Italy

Children’s Books Market
During this activity children’s books were sold in a stand of a street. The activity took place on the World Children Day in September. Joint activity with Lions Club Koblenz.
Renovation of a schoolyard in the DiesterwegFörderschule in Koblenz.
People walking by.
About 12 people
Flyers, banner, tables for books, books, transport for delivering the books, cash for change, plastic bags.
Sponsored by Lions, books were collected throughout the year from Leos and Lions.
Leo Club Koblenz “Deutsches Eck”, Germany

Leo Casino Night
Leo Club Kassel organized a charity casino night to collect donations for a Spielmobiel (toybus). Lions, other charity club members, dignitaries, VIPs and Leos were invited to gamble for a good cause. Joint project with Spielmobiel Rote Rübe e.V., Kassel.
To get money for Spielmobil Rote Rübe e.V, the organizers explain to the children their right for selfdetermination. To raise awareness for Leos and for the Spielmobil Rote Rüber e.V.
Visitors of Leo Casino Night
About 32 in total, 20 for organizing and 12 executing. Organizing starts 1 year in advance.
Organizing a location, casino tables and equipment, catering, finding sponsors, inviting guests (invitations by mail and post), contacting media, permission for gambling, design program.
6800.- Euros
Leo Club Kassel, Germany

Leo Cooking Duel in Aachen
Cooking competition for teams of 4 people. Basic recipes, ingredients, equipment and premises are sponsored by Frankenberg GmbH (provider for airline catering). Around this competition an extensive program is organized, consisting of: parties, city tour, fun games, tours in companies, and dinner with show program and trophy ceremony. The activity takes place in collaboration with Frankenberg GmbH, Lions Clubs, Rotaract Club Aachen, Johanniter Aachen.
To raise awareness of Leo Clubs and to get new members.
The project “Aachener Kindern den Tisch decken” (Prepare a table for children in Aachen). The idea of the project is, to provide schoolchildren in Aachen with breakfast and warm meal for lunch.
About 35 people to plan and execute the activity, whereas 15-20 people are needed for preparation and 15 for the activity itself. Preparation time: about 8 months!
Flyers, homepage. Finding sponsors and participants; get insurances; renting a gym and transport for the participants; planning an extensive program; purchases; make schedule for volunteers; transport for utensils (back and forth); renting, picking up and bringing back crockery and cutlery; location set up; ordering drinks; getting decorations; cleaning up after the event; contact with newspapers.
About 3.000,- Euros
Leo Club Aachen, Germany.

Eastern Egg activity
The Leos are building a 1,80 Meter high pyramid of 12.000 painted Eastern eggs in a shopping mall to sell the eggs for a good cause. Joint activity with Lions Club Weil am Rhein.
Raise money for a houseboat trip with disabled people.
Supermarket customers; 2 new members have been gained!
About 6 Leos for the preparation and 10 Leos for the activity itself (building the pyramid and selling the eggs).
Agreements with the supermarket, preparing flyers, getting eggs.
Leo Club Weil am Rhein – Dreiländereck; Germany

The activity is held in 12 restaurants. The idea is, that people, who are visiting the restaurants during the lunch break are paying 1 Euro more for a certain menu and this amount of money is used as a donation for a guide dog. Training a guide dog costs 25000.- Euros. This is a joint activity with Lions Club Eschenheimer Turm.
Collect donations to train a guide dog for a 7 year old boy, who has been in a wheelchair since he was born.
Restaurant visitors
6 Leos, 3 for organizing and 3 for the activity. Preparations start about 3 months before the activity.
Flyers, website about the activity. Also media attention, contact with the restaurants, concept summary, convincing restaurants to participate.
Budget is needed, to print the flyers (sponsored by Lions Club), running website.
Leo Club Frankfurt Mainhattan, Germany


Leo Lions Action Day (LLAD)
The national wide activity takes place once a year in May on Saturday before Mother’s Day. The Austrian Leos work together with the Lions Clubs and collect nonperishable and sanitary products in a supermarket chain. People are asked to buy one additional product and donate it to the Leos. These products are than delivered to families in the region or to charitable organizations (homeless shelters, etc.). On these day goods with a value of approximately 300.000, – € are collected every year. It is an activity that can be easily adopted, also on club level.
To collect once a year non-perishable products for people in need.
Poor families in the region or/and charitable organizations.
In a club level 2-3 people to prepare and 10 Leos to execute.
You have to ask in a supermarket for the permission to make this activity. Promotion beforehand is important (local newspaper, posters in the supermarket). On this particular day you only need a stand where the Leos are collecting the donated products.
No budget is needed.
MD in Austria, National wide Activity – every Club participates
Contact the ILO

Collecting hygiene articles
You make a deal with bigger shopping centers, that you can put one or two shopping carts on a spot, where people see them good (the best place is somewhere near the cash desks). Next to the shopping carts (or on them) you write what you are collecting (the best is to write the exact necessaries like: deodorants, shampoo, etc.) and for whom (Maternity home “name/town”). Instead of just leaving the carts in the shopping center, two or more Leo members can be present there (maybe for one week everyday someone else) and tell people who they are and what is their purpose.
Collect and donate hygiene necessaries for maternity homes.
All people visiting and buying grocery or other things in shopping centers.
A paper to write down the list of needed necessaries.
Leo Club Mavrice Celje, Slovenia
www.leodistrikt.si, www.leo-mavrica.com (only in Slovenian language)

Children to School!”(“Lapsed kooli!”)
One week long Leos are collecting school supplies in supermarkets, to donate it to the Association of Large Families (4 or more children in a family).
Support big families in the beginning of schoolyear with school supplies.
Supermarket visitors
For preparing a small group 2-3 people. For execution about 40 (the more, the better).
Every day in a supermarket at least 2 Leos per shift.
About 190.- Euros for posters and flyers and transport compensation for Leos, who traveled from another city to help fellow Leo Clubs.
Leo Club District project in Estonia


Peace Poster Contest
Art competition (drawing and coloring), with peace themes to promote for peace, targeting children between the ages 11 and 13.
Promoting peace, as this is an activity supervised by both the United Nations and Lions International Clubs; this activity also allows us to find new members from within non-Leo volunteers.
Children between the ages of 11 and 13, usually studying in international schools.
At least 4 Leo members are required for preparations before the event, 1 for the artwork, 1 to contact the schools, 1 to contact sponsors, and 1 to organize the location; these 4 would almost surely need help during the event, many people are needed in order to hand the posters of the participants, organize the voting of the third winner, distribute the prizes, manage the guests seating and of course their entrance and exit. Usually during the event there are at least 15 Leo Club members.
School contacts, sponsor contacts, event location, invitations and their artwork, certificates and their artwork, prizes for all 3 winners, souvenirs for all participants, posters of the participants for the gallery, speeches.
The amount of money needed depends on the sponsors we have, on the amounts of souvenirs, on the cost of the prizes, the rent of the gallery location, and all the artwork; usually the sponsors were enough to cover most aspects, with the club sometimes needing to spend about 1000 – 1200 LE from its own treasury.
Leo Club North Cairo with volunteers from other Leo Clubs, Egypt

The Leo-Lions-Workshop takes place once a year, during the first council meeting in autumn. Leos and Lions meet for half a day and discuss in different groups about current topics (Improvement of Leo-Lions-Relationship, Member acquisition, etc). Normally the participants are separated in 3 groups and due to a rotating principle every Leo/Lion has the chance to participate in every workshop. The Workshop has become a valuable platform for communicating ideas and improving the Leo-Lions-Relationship. This activity can be done on a national basis or on a club basis.
To improve the Leo-Lions-Relationship
Leos and Lions
2 people are enough
Can be organized separately from a council meeting. You just need 3 seminar rooms for the different groups. Important: Inform the Leos and Lions early enough!
Maybe for the seminar rooms. No other costs occur.
MD Austria, organized by a different Club every year.
Contact the ILO

Casino Day in Correctional Facility
In a correctional facility in Bielefeld young prisoners were invited to spend three hours with the Leo members. It was Casino Day Poker and tabletop soccer. Of course it was played just for fun without real money. The prison organized the premises within the jail and a total of 16 youngsters were able to spend the day with the Leos. Additionally two supervisors were present.
Giving the young prisoners (high school age) a new experience with people outside their facility in a relaxed atmosphere. It was also a good and unknown experience for the Leo members. In their daily routine Leos never get to know prisoners. It helped to reduce the prejudices perhaps on both sides.
4 Leos and 2 supervisors
Poker cards, premises, invitations for prisoners
30 Euros
Leo Club Bielefeld Carpe Diem, Germany
Please contact German ILO

River Boat Shuffle
It is a weekend for Leos and friends. The highlight is a 4- 5- hour-long boat trip in the harbor of Hamburg where the fun is first priority. The activity is also established in Finland and Switzerland. The whole weekend is affected by a leisure atmosphere and fun, which is supposed to support conversations over club boundaries between all Leos. One time over 2.500 € were raised.
To strengthen the friendships between Leos and strengthen the bonds between the clubs, it is also a possibility for fundraising.
Leos and friends
Flyer, Email, Homepage for promotion and invitation Additionally: Give Aways, lifesavers, drinks and food for the weekend and boat trip, accommodation for visitors, acquisition of sponsors, arrangement with boat company, insurance. Planning time: up to ten months.
Leo Club Hamburg Askanier, Germany
Please contact German ILO

Football and basketball for students
Leo Club Muscel has organized some football and basketball matches for the students in their city. They have also managed to raise some money, which was used later for buying toys, sweets and books for the children in orphanages.
Socializing with lots of students and also raising some money for children in orphanages.
Leo Club Rainbow Câmpulung Muscel, Romania

Tree planting with the Lions Club
Lions and Leos gathered to plant trees in the parks.
Planting trees in the parks of Buz”u.
Local community
Gloves, shovels, small trees
Budget to buy trees.
Leo Club Buz!u “Grifon” and Lions Club Buz!u, Romania

Eight day houseboat trip to France
Eight inhabitants of Markus-Pflüger-Heim (for mentally disabled people) and organizing Leo Club members are going on a houseboat trip in the Easter holidays on a big houseboat. Joint activity with Lions Club Weil am Rhein.
To spend quality time with the Markus-Pflüger-Heim inhabitans and interact with them.
Inhabitants of Markus-Pflüger-Heim in Schopfheim
About 15 together, 3 for planning and about 12 for going on the trip.
Rent the houseboats (at least 7 months in advance), plan the route, plan the accommodation and make a list for groceries (mostly you can cook for yourself).
About 2900,- Euros for renting the houseboats and grocery shopping.
Leo Club Weil am Rhein – Dreiländereck, Germany

All Belgian Leos with their target group. Day full of activities, adapted to the needs of the different target groups. Some popular locations: zoo, theme park, parks with different activities. Some popular activities: clowns, jumping castle, midget golf, wheelchair dancing, etc.
Bring all Belgian Leos together with their social target group.
Different target groups: eldery people, mentally and physical disabled persons, young delinquents, etc.
Depends on the activity
In large part sponsored by Lions (Multiple District, District and clubs). Also sponsored by some companies, especially in kind (food, drinks, activities, etc) But also by the Belgian Leos: membership fee.
National / District board in Belgium
www.nasoc.be Contact person changes every year.

SAMM (Eye opening music world)
During this activity the Leos are taking the blind people on a concert and guide them through the day. Also on the concert place a tent is standing, where other concert visitors can find information about the Estonian Federation of the Blind and they have the opportunity to play some board games, as blind people.
Raise awarness of blindness, take blind people to concert, where they usually do not have the chance to go alone and socialize with the blind people.
Estonian Federation of the Blind.
About 30 for preparation and during the activity (depends, how many blind people want to visit the concert).
Training for Leos, how to be a guiding person. Tent for the concert place, where Leos are introducing the project to other visitors and some games, what people, who can see, can try to play. (The games are made for visually impaired people).
The activity did cost in total: 4272.- Euros. Sponsorship from Lions, Open Estonian Foundation, Viru Folk (concert organizers) and Estonian Federation of the Blind. Transport costs (960 Euros), concert tickets (3740 Euros) and training for Leos (80 Euros).
District Activity in Estonia, the main organizer was Leo District President – Kaisa Velström

Popularization to be LEO
Leos create a group in the popular social networking service, where they put all information about the Leo Club Program; current, future and past activities. Leos can add everyone and show advantages.
Gain new members
Social Network visitors
As much as possible
Internet, time, information to share.
LEO Club Fuete made it and all the clubs of the District use it, Russia

Socializing among Leos and Lions in the District
Charity Christmas dinner together with Leos and Lions.
A nice atmosphere for Leos and Lions, they are organizing this together. During the dinner there are different lotteries to collect money.
Get together with Leos and Lions and collecting money for a social project.
Leos and Lions.
3 Leos / 3 Lions
Everything for a dinner, location, food, music.
The Lions arrange the financial resources and the Leos the organizing capacity. Lions club Groningen host, Leo club Groningen, Netherlands