Lions Med Conference 2017 in Alexandria Egypt *Sea of Life*


Knowing that Egypt was chosen for the first time as the guesting country of this conference, due to its important status among the Mediterranean countries, using the motto “Sea of Life” referring to Alexandria’s charming sea, the conference Chairperson Dr. Mahmoud El-Maghraby, and organizers, planned to impress the guests through expert organizing, elegance of sessions, comfort of guests, generosity in hospitality, full press and media coverage, tourism rounds of Alexandria touristic places, and many other factors all of which contributed in success of the conference

Moreover, there are very important symbolic signs in the convening and success of this conference, most important of which is that the conference was based on many useful workshops and general discussion sessions among a great number of participants from over 26 Mediterranean countries, in the presence of Honorary guests and studies from former international director Harry Olgan, former international director Luis Dominguez, former governors Sami Berbari, Salim Mousan and Carlo Panucci

International President of the Lions Chancellor Bob Corlew and his Deputy, Ms. Gudrón Ingvadottir visited Egypt for the second time within 2 months, Corlew in his public speech with the press and media confessed that he was impressed by seeing all this expertise in conference organizing details, which in his opinion exceeded superiority of European countries in conferences arrangements, publishing that this conference was almost ideal in all aspects.

Success of achieving the goals of the conference was remarkable in strengthening friendship ties and love among the Mediterranean countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, North Africa, Slovenia, Palestine and others, which included a number of researches on the topics of environment, economy and community service projects aiming at exchanging experiences and supporting joint action and cooperation between the Mediterranean countries.

The conference succeeded in creating teamwork spirit of LEO Members and acknowledged their important part in the organization team, who learnt and gained the ability to organize future international conferences confidently.

Conference Magazine:

By LION Fatina Hamdoun

Lions Egypt District 352

Lions Europa Forum 2016

Lions Europa Forum 2016
Sofia, Bulgaria – 27-30th of October

Lions Europa Forum, an annual event for all European Lions and LEOs, but also with participants from other parts of the world. Two years ago it was in Birmingham (UK), last year in Augsburg (GER) and this year it was in Sofia, Bulgaria. The ILO council was strongly represented together with several other LEOs, which made us a rather big group of 30 LEOs in total – COOL! The ILO council had planned the EF on beforehand, and especially Deborah Herlan, ILO from Germany, had made a big effort to keep all of the LEOs together, both program wise, but also for the accommodation. Most of us stayed at a hostel in the center of Sofia, close to the conference center where the Forum was held. Hostels are always charming and cozy, and this time was no different – we’ll get back to that!

Thursday – Arrival
I arrived at Thursday, where I met in the airport with Madalina and Deborah, both ILOs. We quickly went to the hostel and moved on to the conference center, as we had our first meeting to attend – the Refugee Steering Committee meeting. We had to give our opinion on how LEOs are participating in the effort for helping the refugees. This is also one of the reasons for LEOs and ILOs to participate in Lions events, as we’re able to show our presence in the global Lions Family. Afterwards, the opening ceremony was held. The ceremony is quite amazing, as it starts the whole event and brings everyone together for the first time – it’s a big event with speakers, shows and live music. In the evening, we had a LEO get-together dinner followed by a few beers.

On Friday, we got up early, as our program started a 9 in the morning.
Usually, hostels have a good ratio of bathrooms pr. person, perhaps like one bathroom for three or four persons. Here, we had two bathrooms in total, for over 30 people – and not only where they rather small, they also had a limited amount of hot water. I was lucky though, to be one of the firsts to use the shower in the morning – the worst thing I know is cold showers!
After our breakfast, our first meeting started.

The LEOs are also represented in the program with workshops, hence the Leos with Lions workshops, that lasted the whole day. One of the main topics across these workshops is to engage Lions to be enthusiastic about LEO – of course everybody is enthusiastic about us, it’s just that not everyone is aware of it!
The ILOs had the workshops planned in advance, and different ILOs had different responsibilities. I was lucky to present together with my fellow Italian ILO Eleonora Fresia, who I’m working together with on the European LEO Activity – LEO4Green.

This project is about promoting environmental awareness and activities, and was started in Italy. Eleonora is really passionate about this project, and it’s amazing to work together with such a dedicated person, which also reflects in her when she talks about the project. Our goal for the presentation was to create awareness of the project for the Lions, and to tell them about how LEOs and ILOs are working together, and how this can be used in collaboration between LEOs and Lions as well.

We were finished with our workshops late afternoon. Afterwards, we quickly went home to change for the host evening, but before that, we had been invited to a get-together at Othmar Fetz apartment. Othmar Fetz, LEO from Germany, is doing a really big project about documenting the different sides of being a LEO in different countries – the project is called The LEO Book, and is a quite amazing activity, while he’s also a cool guy to be around.

The host night is a chance for the organizing country to show their local culture, and this year was, as every other year, a great opportunity to experience a new country’s history, culture and traditions. We were served with traditional Bulgarian food, while there was different activities during the evening, such as traditional music, folks-dance and fashion show. And yes, we LEOs typically participate in as most dancing as possible! After the host night, we LEOs went out for socializing and had a great time. Now, we had to get back to the hostel, and here’s the story:

Hostels are always charming and cozy, and this time was no different – you really get the chance to get close to the rest of the group – the boys were especially lucky, as we had two rooms in extend of each other, totaling over 10 guys sleeping together – the only downside with big rooms like this is, if somebody is snoring. And by snoring I mean the Slovenian way, where you actually make people switch rooms because of the noise, even though they’ve tried to wake you up for half an hour! We had a lot of fun about it the next day though.

On the Saturday, while some LEOs went around Sofia to see the beautiful architecture on historical buildings, the ILOs had planned to do some promotion for our European activity LEO 4 Green, which goal is to improve environmental awareness by promoting environmental friendly services. We spend most of the day filming for our activity, before the closing ceremony, which, as always, was a beautiful event and a nice way to end some inspirational and rewarding days with a lot of great people from all around the world.

The last event is the gala, which is a great tradition – everybody dresses up, and the frame is set for a spectacular evening. This year was no different – all of the LEOs got ready at the hostel, and afterwards we met at the conference center. The atmosphere is always incredible, because everyone makes an extra effort is in general excited for what the night brings. The ingredients for a great gala is a beautiful venue, good food, great music and of course, the most important, great people.

This year, we, as always, had a ton of fun. The incredible thing about LEOs is, that no matter what we’re served with, we’ll manage to get the best out of it. We danced, laughed, shared some great dishes, had a lot of fun photos taken and made some great memories – that’s the most important thing. I won’t go into too much details, as I think it’s hard to how amazing these evenings actually are.

Tears and goodbyes is usually what the last day is filled with, and of course we guys doesn’t cry, but it’s still a bit sad to leave all of your friends which you’ve spend time with. Some people leave early (directly?), some people get a few hours of sleep and some people doesn’t have to leave before the evening.
I left at noon, which were fine as it wasn’t too early, neither too late. The last thing I remember, is the plane taking of, before I woke up in Copenhagen again, with a lot of great memories, inspiration and renewed passion for doing a difference for others.

By Andreas Vejlstrup, ILO of MD-106 Denmark

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1st LEO ISAAME Forum

The LIONS club World is divided in areas. The most important one is ISAAME area. ISAAME stand for India, South Asia,Africa and Middle East.

November, 30th – December 5th
Colombo, Sri Lanka

For the first time ever, LEOs decided to organize the LEO ISAAME  Forum, which is a separate ISAAME  Forum for LEOs, also in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Many LEOs from the Area went to this first event, dealing with “Excellence through Innovation”. This event that was a separate one from the Lions Club ,but also offered many meeting time with Lions. Several LIONS Official, panelist, past, present and future international President also took part to this event. The opening ceremony has been made with LIONS member at Prime Minister Official Residence, Temple Tree, with more than 2300 Lions. The traditional parade have also been a moment of exchange between LIONS and LEO.

This first Leo ISAAME  Forum has been a world top class event. We have been invited to intend many conference about leadership, excellence and innovation with top class speakers. Oak Brook team member also informed us about new innovation, gave us a panorama of Leos activities, and answered to many questions.

More than a seminar, it also have been a moment of discovery and exchange. Discovery of Sri Lanka, that is one of the most exciting destination in South Asia, offering traditions, modernity, wild life and stunning landscape. We visited Colombo, Kandy with the tooth Relic and Kandy Royal Botanic Garden during VIP tours.

But it was also a moment of exchange, with Sri Lankan inhabitants that were really friendly and spoke with us on the street to teach us many things and story, with a big smile that is a Sri Lankan signature. And also an exchange with Leos from ISAAME  Area that hosted us like king, and showed their deep friendship to European Leos.

I would like to thank everyone for this Event that is a benchmark and great success. It has been a pleasure to intend such an amazing meeting, full of discovery, new skills, fun, sharing, and humanity.

I invite all the LEOs, and also LIONS, to intend the second LEO ISAAME  forum 2017 that will be held in Kolkata, India, 17-20 December 2017. This event will be a lifetime opportunity to meet Leo From ISAAME forum and come back in Europe with lovely memories, new friends and new skills, but also a better understanding of world new challenge and cultural heritage.

Samy SAHLI , Delegation Leader , France

 MD-103 France

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