We need your opinion for the LEO Survey

We need your opinion! In order to get the best overview of the LEO movement in Europe and the Mediterranean area, all Leos are invited to fill in the second LEO Survey. It is very important to hear your thoughts about the LEO movement in your country. It only takes 5 minutes! Please answer the questions in English and do not forget to share it with other LEOs!

The LEO survey is an analysis of the situation of European and Mediterranean Leo clubs. The ILO Council wants to gather data about the LEO clubs in order to increase the general knowledge about the LEO movement. LEOs are invited to share their thoughts on the following subjects: their LEO club, their Leo life experience, Leo – Lions relationship, the ILOs and the future of LEOs. All the information gathered will be summarized into a report that will be made available for all LEOs, LIONS and the general public interested in the movement. By having this survey we hope that we can develop the LEO movement as we will know better what are our strengths and what we need to improve.

The first LEO survey was launched on 16 October 2011 by the ILO Council 2011/12 and later analysed by the ILO Council 2012/13. The survey included five main parts: General questions; Questions about your LEO club; Questions about personal LEO life and experience; Questions about Leo-Lions situation and Questions about international LEO situation.

When the survey was concluded on 2 July 2012, there were more than 500 responses, but only around 300 were completed either due to the survey being too long, technical problems or simply unawareness that the survey continued onto more pages! (hopefully we managed to fix all of that this time) The survey was completed by LEOs from 26 different countries nearly equally representing both genders. Based on the survey, the average LEO was 23.8 years old and had been a member for 4.4 years.

We recommend that you check out the whole analysis of the survey, but to give you a little taste, here’s the ideas some of you wrote in the last survey regarding increasing the LEO spirit and enhancing the member’s motivation:
– Successful activities are the key to member motivation;
– Members should try to get to know each other outside of the formal setting;
– Members should try to engage themselves in the district, multi-district and international movements;
– Organising team-building trainings;
– Attract new members by organising workshops useful also outside of LEO;
– Give new members responsibilities and the freedom to bring forward new ideas;
– More advertising, sharing success stories.

We hope that you will take the 5 minutes and share your valuable views with us because only with your input are we able to build the big picture! Don’t forget to share it!

Madalina Vlasie on behalf of the Lessons Learned team of the ILO Council

Fill in the LEO Survey


See the results of the previous LEO Survey 

Leo club Helsinki/Itäväylä made a animal activity as part of Leo4Green

As part of European Leo activity Leo4Green our club Leo Club Helsinki/Itäväylä decided to do a one small activity for each team.

In autumn we did activity for water. Our club and some others from Leo club Espoo and Leo club Vantaa gathered up in to the center of Helsinki to collect trash from the shore of the Baltic sea. We collected various trash with in very good spirit. Also raised Leo awareness when people asked a lot of what we are doing and why. As a reward we got clean shore and had a lot of fun with each other’s.


Leo club Helsinki/Itäväylä made a animal activity as part of Leo4Green. We joined as volunteers into a cat house where a lot of an abandoned cats and other small animals are. For several hours we cleaned up homeless cats houses. We also got to play with the cats to get them used to the humans and get their muscles into a better shape. We plan to do this activity in the future as well. Maybe one day some of us will adopt one of them.
Annan luvat muokata tekstiä sekä vapaudet kuviin !

LIONS – Stars of the Silkroad Festival

Dear LEO-Friends,

Lions of District 111-BN (LC Amorbach-Miltenberg) in Germany together with LC Bishkek/Rep. of Kyrgyzstan organise an international Arts Festival “Lions – Stars of the Silkroad” supported by the Lions Euro-Asia Committee and Lions Central and Eastern European Initiativ (CEEI).

The festival will take place from September 2nd to September 12th, 2017, in the Central Asian Republic of Kyrgyzstan, at the magnificent Silkroad-Route. Our objective is, to identify and sponsor young musicians or photographers who are interested in taking part at this event.

We will try to cover the travel costs for the participants by Lions Clubs of their region. We would try to form a world symphonic orchestra of young artists. Musicians will have 4 performances on stage, which are shown on state tv. Photographer will present their artwork in the National Museum of Bishkek. It is already the third time that our friends in Kyrgyzstan organise this festival together with Lions from District 111-BN in Germany. Both festivals in 2013 and 2015 were very successful. Art is a language understood by people all over the world. About 150 young artists from Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Austria and Turkey completed by orchestral musicians from Kyrgyzstan, took part in the first two festivals on the Silkroad and elated the audience with virtuous music performances and impressive exhibitions. Several Lions Clubs enabled the young talents to participate by financing the travel expenses of the artists. “That was the best thing I could do so far.” “I’ve found friends for life.” “I’ve never experienced such hospitality before,” said three participants. The festival has left everlasting impressions. Under the patronage of Kyrgyz President Almasbek Atambaev, the events reached a broad public in the Central Asian country. The opening concert in the State Philharmonic Orchestra had over 1,200 visitors. Television, radio and newspapers reported extensively on all channels, thus spreading the lionistic idea throughout the country. Lions’ awareness is important for supporting social projects, such as the mothers of Uplift. These help to provide a life-long future to orphaned, handicapped and disadvantaged children. They will benefit from a profit of this event. The event “Lions – Stars of the Silkroad” is an exemplary achievement of the most important Lions International objectives. Especially nowadays we must maintain all efforts to spread understanding among people. This festival is a chance to meet people with different cultural backgrounds and to exchange experiences. Geographically, the country in the heart of Central Asia is predestined for a festival of encounters. Even before Christ, the ancient Silk Road brought people from the West and the East together on this old trade route. The two festivals in 2013 and 2015 are a good basis to continue the event in the 2017 Lions jubilee year and to become a lionistic highlight in Central Asia. Our goal is to bring together 100 young artists from Europe and 100 from Asia on the Silk Road to a world youth orchestra. Please help us to make this Centennial Project of Lions Club Bishkek and Lions from District 111- BN a memorable success. Identify young artists (musician, classical, folklore or jazz) in your district or promote the festival by contacting your universities and high-schools for music and make sure, that they will hang out a promotion poster. After we have received the application of a young artist, we will try to find a sponsor to cover the costs in Kyrgyzstan (1200 US-$ plus airfare). They will have 10 days of unforgettable moments and new career prospects, experience tolerance towards other cultures and at the same time help spreading and manifesting the values and objectives of Lions International in Central Asia.

Promote the stay of an artist from your region! More information at: https://www.lions.de/web/lions.silkroadstars/start and https://www.facebook.com/lions.silkroadstars/

We are very happy if you could arrange the display of poster at universities or high-schools for music/arts.

Please send an e-mail with the number of posters needed and your address to josef.ahmann13@gmail.com

Thank you very much!

Best regards

IPDG Josef Ahmann, District 111-BN

Leo Kitsch Party – A different and funny way to do service

Leo Club Pinerolese 1415 festa kitschThe 18th edition of the Kitsch Party hosted by Leo Club Del Pinerolese, belonging to the 108 Ia3 District, Is about to happen.

Save the date!!! The 21st of November we will wait you!

Kitsch lets you show your more improbable, colorful and also tawdry personality along with accessories like wigs and sunglasses:here fun is at home!!! During the past few years Kitsch has become a must in everyone’s agenda: friends are coming not only from Pinerolo but LEOs from all over the country are going to join us; as only coolest and biggest party can achieve! This does not come free and indeed many thanks are due: first to members and ex-members of Pinerolese Club that organize this great party every year with passion and enthusiasm and, more important, for charity (and also for fun of course).

This year’s earnings will be donated to the following projects: Monetary donation in favor of the Care Home San Giuseppe of Pinerolo, in order to fix three bedrooms and donation of new furniture and beds; Monetary donation in favor of the realisation of the Intradistric Disabled Youth Camp 2016 of Domodossola Monetary donation in favor of the V.I.P. Association, Vivere in Positivo Italia Onlus.

Here the link of the Fb event page:https://www.facebook.com/events/514930031998741/

See you there,

Leo Club del Pinerolese, District 108Ia3 Italy

foto kitsch2

foto kitsch1

fetsa kitsch seconda foto

Danish LEOs bond with LIONS through presents for orphans

On Saturday the 13th of June 2015, during the Danish LIONS National Convention, the Danish LEOs had a special task to perform. Our primary goal was to collect teddy bears, puzzles and all sorts of other toys for underprivileged children. And wow did the LIONS come through for us. Just as we thought that everything had been gathered, another LION showed up with his car-keys asking for a strong LEO. So box after box and sack after sack kept appearing; the coolest feeling ever! All the collected toys were then categorized (boy, girl and ages) and afterwards gift wrapped. Now we have loads of presents just ready for Christmas or another occasion. We were all amazed by how much we were able to collect and thereby how many children we will be able to help.

Another part of the LEO participation in the meeting was through “LEO News”; video-features of 2-4 minutes a couple of times during the meeting. We used the exposure time to tell stories from the different LEO clubs in Denmark. Thereby using the chance to tell LIONS exactly what it is we do in LEO. For some LIONS it was an eye-opener in more than one way, since it prevented them from falling asleep during the meeting as well as enlightened them. It is possible to see these videos at our facebook page “LEO clubs Denmark” at www.facebook.com/LEOClubsDenmark

During the gala in the evening the LEOs had arranged for a “photo-booth”, so that we could take pictures of the LIONS arriving in their finest attire. And they loved the idea; in this way they would get a little keepsake of what we hope was an amazing day. We will print out all the photos and mail them to all who wished for it. And the price? We simply asked them “how much are you worth?” And considering the donations, they are worth quite a lot.

All in all it was a really nice experience for both LIONS and for LEOs. We got to talk to so many interesting LIONS and they got to see who the LEOs are and what we do. We exchanged ideas and simply just had a really fun day. And maybe this was just as important as collecting the toys.

img1 img2 img3

Leo Fashion Passion

In the year 2010 both of Poznan’s Leo Clubs came up with a great idea of organising something what can put up together helping with doing something „fancy”. So the idea was to organize Fashion Event. As you might imagine it is not a piece of cake. Everyone has to do his best to make it happen. There is a board of the event who is taking care of everything but every each of Leo has to take part in event. Last two edition were stunning. In 2013 the event took place in Concordia Design(fancy restaurant in Poznań) and everything went smoothly. Some of the models who were participating in our event became famous models around the world right now. There were some famous designers from Poland that decided to join our project for example Bohoboco, Patrizia Pepe, Orska, TomaoTomo, EstbyEst. It was a great succes and we have collected around 10.000 euro during one evening!! We were present in local news and newspapers(even I had interview with one of the biggest newspapers in our country).


The last edition of our fashion event took part in Lech Poznan’s Stadium. It was very demanding place to organize it but our clubs made great job(as usual). We have decided to invite again some of the famous fashion designers from all over the world. Our invitation was accepted by Dawid Tomaszewski, Grzegorz Kasperski, Natasha Pavluchenko, bizuu and MMC. There were as usual lot of celebrities from Poznan and suburbs. This time we made an agreement with model agency from Poznań which has decided to join us. Of course it was a huge succes and lots of children from orphanages could go for summer holidays.

In my opinion it is the best event Polish Leos have ever made. Combination of style and charity makes this event succesful.

All the lastest news from our edition you can find under: http://www.leofashion.pl/

We are planning to make our 5th edition but unfortunatelly during this year we are facing some technical troubles(most of our Leos are studying abroad or working)

img4 img5 img6

Konrad Szwarczyński ILO D-121 Poland


Leo4Children is the Multidistretto Leo 108Italy Main theme, more precisely the national service that along a 3-year period puts together all the Italian Leo. The aim of this service is to collect Funds in order to set up and to improve game-rooms of the Italian children’s wards helping in some extent children who live in a very critic and bad moment of their life.

Leo4Children funds are raised through Club events and two specific national events during which every Italian Leo tries to sell a selected gadget:

  •  before Christmas on 29-30 November weekend (as shown in the picture below, in this occasion the so called “PandoLeo” was selected as gadget)
  • now in the upcoming Easter, on the 21-22 March, you will find all the Italian Leo in more than 300 place/squares offering the “Colombina” (see picture below).

Much has been done but there remains much still to do…

img1 img2 img3

Francesca Viotto
Coordinatore Nazionale T.O.N

Benefit cabaret evening Leo club Groningen-City

On Friday the 21st of November this Leo club organized a benefit cabaret evening for the second time. With the slogan “een lach op je smoel voor het goede doel” (a smile on your face for charity). This year the revenue of this evening was used to support the “Ronald McDonald Home” in Groningen. This foundation ensures that parents of hospitalized children with severe illnesses can be at the side of their children within a couple of minutes at all times. Apart from places to sleep for the family the foundation also supports the families and the children emotionally.

The “Lutherse Kerk” (a church) room was packed and the visitors had a great evening, arranged by the 3 hosts of this event. Arno van der Heyden was the host of the evening and started with several nice opening jokes and happy songs. After warming the crowd up Arno gave the stage to Pieter Jouke who used his repertoire of nice jokes to get the visitors to cry of laughter. Inge van Calkar closed the evening with a beautiful range of songs.

With the closing of the evening the Leo club also announced the amount that was gathered during this evening for the charity. With a thunderous applause the check of €1.500,00 was handed to the representatives of the Ronald McDonald home.


Solemn Charter Night of New Croatian Leo Club Took Place on 6th March 2015

On the 6th of March 2015, Leo Club Tri Kule Zagreb, LEO District 126, Croatia had a charter night in the crowded hall of cultural centre ‘Napredak’.

The ceremony was attended by 1st Vice Governor of District 126 Dražen Melčić, first governor of District 126 Ivica Jakić and the president of Leo District 126 Damir Sila-Zih. Also there were friends, family and the members of other Lions and Leo clubs.

The Leadership of Lions klub Kontesa Nera: Irena Grgat,the president, Mirjana Bohanec Vidović,former president, and mentor of the Leo club Tatjana Topolovec have greet everybody with a warm welcome.

Ceremony was followed with music program interpreted by members of Leo klub Tri Kule Zagreb: Klara Pelin,student at Elly Bašić Music School and Divna and Ivan Šimatović, both guitar students at Musical Academy in Zagreb.

After the solemn oath and distribution of Leo badges and certificates, president of Leo District 126 and Vice Governor Dražen Melčić  inspired all of the guests with their  speeches full of motivation and support.

Also, Mirjana Bohanec Vidović ,godmother of the club, Tatjana Topolovec, mentor of the club and Barbara Milčić, president of the Commission for Youth Exchange  received tributes for the establishment of the club (Extension Award).

After the ceremony, president of the new-formed Leo klub Tri Kule Zagreb Kristijan Poljanec has invited all guests to  refreshments and participation in charity tombola, which bursted in a minute.

By: Eva Horak

Leo klub Tri kule Zagreb

Time to dress up – the Danish tradition of “Fastelavn”

Not all children are so lucky as to be able to attend the traditional Danish “Fastelavn” due to injuries or illnesses. That is why several Danish LEO clubs every year goes to children’s hospitals to celebrate it with them. LEO Clubs spend their time with the children dressing up in costumes, decorating, ‘hitting a barrel’, doing face painting and much more. Sometimes even the mascot Leopol dresses up in a costume. When asked what the best thing about this activity is, Ninna Marie Hundebøl from LEO Club Esbjerg, said “To see the reaction from the children and to see how we make a difference by lighting up their visit to the hospital and also that we have so much fun with the children“.

The activity gives the children a break from the stress and anxiety of being at a hospital, it makes them feel like they aren’t missing out by being away from their friends and family – and most importantly, it gives them a reason to smile.

The tradition of “Fastelavn” is the celebration of the passing of the seasons from winter to spring. It is a sort of carnival, however mostly celebrated by children and younger adolescents. There are many traditions and customs associated with this celebration. Among others the kids start the morning of “Fastelavn” Sunday by flogging their parents with light twigs bound together and decorated with candy, feathers, figures and a like, to wake them up. They then dress up and go trick or treating around the neighborhood in search of candy. On “Fastelavns” Monday the kids again dress up in costumes and go to school where they traditionally take turns hitting a barrel with a bat until it breaks and candy falls out.

by Birgitte Egeskov Jensen