Leos offer help to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

For the 5th year in a row, Leo Club Mid Sweden arranges a “Walk for Cancer” on May 29th, 2018, where the participants can walk, run, crawl, sprint and race around a 5km track, all for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. The track goes through the wonderful village Fränsta, just a few kilometers from the geographical center of Sweden, whereas the last part of the tracks runs along the beach side of Torp lake (Torpsjön). The large amounts of snow during the winter lead to the flooding of the beach, and it was not sure whether the track could follow its original course. Fortunately, summer arrived early and the sun caused the beach to dry. Leo Club Mid Sweden hopes for a large number of participants and wonderful weather!

Written by Johanna Strand, treasurer Leo Club Mid Sweden.

Warm-up with “Norrskenshälsan”.

A group of happy participants at the start.

“Best man and woman 2018. Jlööf gym sponsored with one-month membership for each.


The new International Leo Club Amsterdam

The Leo Club is a place full of opportunities. A place where you can find friends, where you share the same ideas on the world. A place where people want to make a difference. Where you can discuss about your plans and you can make dreams come true. Where you learn about other people’s lives and where you can take responsibility for your surroundings.

When we all came to Amsterdam in the last months, everything was new to us. We dived into a completely new culture, we met new people coming from all over the world and we had to get used to our new home and our new surroundings. We were curious about our life in Amsterdam and we didn’t know what we can expect from it. Thanks to our job or our university we found new friends very quickly but there was still the wish to volunteer, to do something good and to have a small, but helpful impact on our surroundings.

When the two former members of the Leo Club Amsterdam, Pieter and Kevin, started the initiative to build a new international Leo Club in Amsterdam, the interest in joining this club was big. But after several meetings we had to notice the difficulty to establish a club with a steadily interested group. Reconciling school, your free time activities and your job is not always easy.

In March, we finally launched the first International Leo Club Amsterdam. We are a group of 13 people who is ready to serve the local community. We come from eight countries all over the world. We all have different backgrounds and everybody has his or her own story to tell. But we have one thing in common. We want to volunteer! We want to make a difference and help to build a better life around us. We all share the same ideas about integrity, community and volunteering.

Since the end of March, we can proudly present our new board which is ready to manage our club in the next months. In the last two months, we have already organised our first activities to help the local communities. Our very first project was the reshaping of the garden of a local children’s farm. At the beginning of April, we cleaned up one of the big parks in Amsterdam, together with the Dutch Leo Club Amsterdam.  It was the first very sunny day this year and we all enjoyed the opportunity to get in contact with the local Dutch Leos.

Twice a month we meet up and discuss about our further plans. We have so many ideas in our minds and we are looking forward to planning many more activities. If you share our vision to have an helpful impact on our local community and to do something good in Amsterdam, we would love to welcome you on board! Let’s make our dreams come true!

Written by Janna
International Leo Club Amsterdam
The Netherlands

LEO Seminar Day in the Netherlands

This year LEO Club Leiden  organized the Dutch LEO Seminar Day 2018. This day,which is meant to meet and to acquire knowledge and inspiration, took place on March 24, 2018 at the Rabobank in Leiden. The day was all about sustainability, a subject that we all have to deal with. The goal of the day was awareness of a sustainable environment.

The first speaker was Paul Dirkse, the alderman for the sustainability of the D66 political party. In a beautiful story, he highlighted how Leiden as a city contributes for a cleaner environment. He talked about subjects like wind and solar energy. Problems with a nostalgic and monumental city such as Leiden were also discussed. A monumental city like Leiden can’t simply place solar panels on the old buildings in the city center.

After the opening, Merijn Tinga,  also known as the plastic soup surfer from Leiden, gave a presentation. He is an artist who works against plastic pollution. Merijn told his story about how his passion became his goal. He discussed how he made a surfboard from “stray” plastic and made an impressive journey to collect money and how he got the ministry to approve a bill about a deposit on small plastic bottles.

Next it was Suzanne Kröger, second member of parliament at Groen Links, gave a presentation. She told us about her career in a bird’s-eye view. She started at Green Peace, for which she did projects around the world. After this she got a job in the political party of Groen Links where she is committed to sustainability. She is involved in the reducing of emission by aircraft, among other things.

The last speaker  was Andreas Vejlstrup, a LEO from Denmark (Copenhagen). He is fully committed to the LEO4Green movement. This is a LEO movement initialised  by Leo’s from Italy and later recognized as a European Leo activity. The aim of this activity is to raise the awareness of the beauty of the environment to a higher goal. This is done by organizing activities such as cleaning parks and beaches, planting new trees, collecting money for agencies or organizing lectures. After his presentation, all present LEO clubs sign the so-called LEO4Green manifesto in which you declare, as a club that you support the LEO4Green project.

After these motivating speakers, the deed was added to the word and the present LEO’s went to the city center  to clean the city of stray trash. The LEO’s ended the seminar day with a nice diner in the city center of Leiden.


A Leo Club in Luxembourg is supporting a Cancer Foundation!

This year again, members of the Leo Club Feierwon in Luxembourg were present to support the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner (help & support for children fighting cancer in Luxembourg) during the very famous Relais pour la Vie (organised by the Fondation Cancer) on the 24th and 25th of March.

This was an evening filled with emotions, speeches from survivors and relatives, a touching note from our Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, and a truly magnificent standing ovation from all participants during the cancer survivors parade.

Poldi, the mascot and distinct element of the Foundation, brought a cheerful note to this evening by claiming lots of smiles and laughs from everyone who met him. He never stopped jumping and dancing during the Foundation’s parade on the running track. Obviously, countless people left the event with pictures and selfies with Poldi!

Leo Club Feierwon is regularly helping the foundation with their fundraising activities, as well as their communication initiatives towards child cancer research. All Leos are looking forward to the next event with the Foundation, as well as future events with each one of the associations that they are supporting!

For more information on the event: http://www.relaispourlavie.lu/
For more information on Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner: http://fondatioun.lu/
For more information on Leo Club Feierwon: www.leo.lu

‘’RAMDAN2GO’’ for the 17th time in the row!

After 30 days of tiring and continuous work and by the end of the holy month Ramadan, we were able to finally end one of our mega projects ‘’RAMDAN2GO’’ for the 17th time in the row!

RAMADAN2GO is a joint project between Omega LEO Club & Alpha LEO Club of Alexandria Apollo in which we work in together as a one team, for 17years we have been providing charity bags -containing the essential food ingredients  which a family can rely on for the rest of the Holy month-& hot meals for the needy people in the suburbs of Alexandria.

This year we were able to break our targets, reaching 40500 meals with an approximate of 1000 meals daily & 4500 charity bags, they were all delivered to more than 10 suburbs in Alexandria throughout the holy month. The total budget of the project reached an approximate of 1,900,000 Egyptian Pounds and this was all made possible with the generous donations that we had received from our supporters

For the first time in the project’s history we worked in 3 places in parallel this year, we had 2 kitchens where we prepared our meals in and the stock house where we prepared the charity bags. To be able to achieve our targets in the 3 places we worked in shifts in which we were divided – Omega LEO Club & Alpha LEO Club of Alexandria Apollo members- over the 3 places with more than 400 volunteers (Non LEO members) joining us in preparing the meals.

And For the meals to be delivered on time, we had to put a strategy to work with. The kitchen was divided into sections where each component of the meal was prepared in a separate section & before iftar – time for Muslims to break their fast-  with two hours we do something that we call ‘’Stations’’ in which the components are gathered in one bag, and directly before iftar with one hour our members were always on the road for the meals to be delivered on time.


Alpha LEO Apollo  

Omega LEO Apollo


We are honored to talk about the first international project we will undertake as the Agora LEO Club. While technology brings us closer to each other, not communicating may look like missing the opportunity. From this point of view, we are also following the leo clubs in various countries of the world and we are in communication. We need to learn from each other’s leadership, experience and opportunities. For this purpose, we will make cooperation with our Leo friends in India. On the 10th day of every month, as members of the Agora Leo Club, we will write articles on social media to raise awareness on various issues. All of these articles will be published on www.leoclubofjuhu.com These articles will be written by different member per month. Our common goals are create international awareness and to show that it is not difficult to implement an international joint project. We are so happy for doing cooperation with Leo Club of Juhu. As being Agora Leo Club and Juhu Leo Club members we will always continue to run for the best and try to we will try to raise conscious people for a livable world. #ProudLeo


Humankind is curious. One of the issues that humans are curious about is the future. The world is getting more complicated every year. The balances are becoming less clear every year. Sadly, we lose our humanity every year against our ambitions. In this article, it will be a question that we will look for answers;

“Can we build the future?”

Building can have many meanings but if we look for building the future it will definitely be about education. Different systems are applied for education in different parts of the world but did you think before that what is the reason of all of these education systems? “getting a job” , “gaining social status”, “earning money for satisfaction” may be your answers. The best answer to this question is actually the first exit of education, “Being a human”.

​Education has begun as a system that against to our primalization and better understanding of each other. Every day in the globalizing world the quality of education is measured by how we crush each other. You must be successful against your classmates, you must be successful against your peers etc.

​The establishment of States is seen as the agreement of people living in the same region. People who are in the same team after the establishment of the States are now in a position to gain an advantage over the different states. What I am trying to explain is that the reason for the actual exit of the education does not coincide with the understanding of today’s education. Egoism has been applied on these systems. This egoism is not only person-specific, also states are shaped in a way too. Because people who are in the same state as the agreement are closed to work together with other states in their essence to glorify themselves.
According to psychologists, the conflict of egoism brings violence. Since the states enter this category, conflict means war. You may see me as a person who is trying to create conspiracy theories in every complexity but the only thing that I do is go through over the cause and effect relation.

I’m just trying to reflect on the expectations of today’s world. It is necessary to correct the education to correct all these. We should learn mathematics for exercising our brain not for being a part of a raceWe should learn science for involving to the innovation and developing technology and not for getting a applause when we say information that we memorize. We should learn social sciences to think more consciously and not to memorize dates, places or perspectives.

If I am summarizing, we have to be educated for our personal development and increasing humanity not for our ambitions which is frazzle all of us. There are some countries where education is at a fairly good level but in some countries education is seen as a way to exploit humanity. We people should know that ideas are immortal, power balances are still in the hands of mankind. We have to act to finish this exploitative system, and there is only one way to improve ourselves until we succeed it; reading books. You can not show me any country that has a high rate of reading books and has lagged behind in civilization.

Books give us a life experience so we learn not to make the same mistake. It creates an angle of view to us so that multiple systems of thought are found. I think that the agreements for both people and states can be successfully achieved with high consciousness by throwing egoism on the edge. This is how we find the true meaning of education and reach the world that we dream of.

​We must be conscious and work on this path for a better world. Books can change the world. Building the future will succeed in this way.

Link to articles: http://www.leoclubofjuhu.com/blog/category/the-shadows-of-life 

LEO Feridun Öncel
2nd Vice President
Social Media Manager of Agora Leo Club, Turkey (118-R)

LEO Activity at central of Finland

Leo Club Jyväskylä/Lohikoski has arranged activity to Jyväskyläs elderly people sheltered home. Young club members had fun with elderlies during whole time and everybody enjoyed staying. Actually so much that LEOs already promised to start cooperating in the future.

LEOs helped elderlies at planting violet seeds to little pots which were given to all participants to take their own home or leave to the people sheltered. Violets grow fast and they are easy to take care. Reward of little care comes with lovely blossoms which are joy for eyes.

After planting violets, LEOs arranged bingo game with small prices. Everyone had much fun and nobody wanted to stop playing bingo, even coffee was ready. At this point I want you to know that elderly people at Finland love coffee and coffee table talks above anything. After many rounds of bingo we enjoyed coffee and thanked the people and opportunity arranges activity. Experience did unite older and younger participants and many realize that we are quite the same and age is just the number when it comes for having fun.

by Kati Jaatinen

President of Leo Club Jyväskylä/Lohikoski, MD 107 Finland.

National activity lead by LEOs and LIONS from Belguim

Only after the last tree has died 

The last river been poisoned

The last fish been caught

Will we realize we cannot eat money

#ProtectTheEnvironment #Lions100 #Centennial

#LetsPlantSomeTrees #Volunteering


On March 26th, all Belgian lion and LEO clubs combined forces to plant trees and remove garbage all over the country. And thanks to the lovely weather and the lovely people, it was a day to remember.

In Flanders, almost 4000 people joined the “Big Spring Event” to plant approximately 50000 trees on 19 different locations! Friends and families accompanied the Belgian Lions and Leo’s on this mission.

In order to successfully plant those trees, we were professionally guided by two non-profit organizations:  

  • Flemish Forest Group (Vlaamse Bosgroep)
  • Agency for Nature and Forest (Agentschap voor Natuur&Bos)

In Brussels, Lions and Leo’s gathered to remove as many litter as possible in the Sonian. This beautiful forest is now saved from tons of cans, plastic, …

In Wallony they organized a Eco Nettoyage Citoyen. 100 years, 100 clubs, 100 tons. That was their motto and so they did remove 100 tons of litter!

As you can see, the Belgians have shown that they care for nature. We understood that one day won’t be enough to save our planet’s most valuable assets, but perhaps this one day can be the start of a global awareness. And who knows it might prevent people from harming nature any further.

One step at a time.

By Jeroen De Muynck

MD 112 Belgium

The Leo4Green Manifesto: Becoming a Drop in the Rain of Change

From the Oxford dictionary, we read that a “Manifesto” is a “public declaration of policy and aims” and that the origin of the term comes from the Latin “manifestus” that means “to make public”.

Over the course of history, many different Manifestos have been signed to publicly state causes deemed important: new arts movements (e.g. the Futurist Manifesto or the Surrealist Manifesto), political ideologies (e.g. the Anarchist Manifesto or the October Manifesto) and even related to technologies (e.g. the Manifesto for Agile Software Development). It was a simple way to get together and state, loud and clear: “This is something we believe in”.

In the world of increasing pollution levels, disappearing glaciers and endangered animal species we live in today, the Leo4Green Manifesto wants to be – first and foremost – the Leo way of declaring our intention to make our planet a better place.

The Manifesto is articulated in four key areas of actions: Water, Plants, Animal and Air. Each section indicates some possible service activities through which the signing club can take an active part to the activity, like planting trees or collecting food for animal shelters, but the possibilities are endless.

There is not one way to make the world better and, as also true in our European context, what can be the best service activity for one Country or a specific area, might not be the best for another. Leo4Green motivates each Club to go out in their communities and respond to the local needs as best as they can.

It is said that the world, out there, is thirsty for help and most get discouraged saying that a small single drop will never satisfy that thirst. But droughts are solved by rain and rain is nothing but an ensemble of small little drops.

Leo4Green embodies this spirit: each single green activity might appear small by itself, but adding them up – one by one – gives us that desperately needed rain. It unites European Leos against Environmental Issues.

How to join our green storm? Talk with your Club and agree to join the activity: then download the Manifesto from the European Leos website and follow the instructions and start being green in your own way! We are waiting for you!

By Eleonora Fresia – International Liaison Officer MD 108 ITALY


The Leos-Rock-Vienna Weekend surrounding the LEO Summerball

Vienna is calling for all international Leos to enjoy a lovely weekend in Austria’s capital.

Over the last years, the Leos-Rock-Vienna Weekend surrounding the LEO Summerball has become a tradition. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to get to know Vienna from a local’s perspective. Not only will you experience a traditional Viennese Ball, but we, your LEO tour guides will also show you the best sights of Vienna.

On Friday, you will first enjoy a welcome dinner with traditional Austrian food and then we will take you on a tram party. And of course there is an Afterparty as well (would it be a true LEO party without one?). On Saturday you will see one of Vienna’s most well known sights and take part in a special scavenger hunt. In the early evening it is time to depart to the castle for the Summerball. In order to cure your possible hangover, we have set up a farewell brunch for you on Sunday.

Last but definitely not least, we want to give you some information about the ball. You will be able to enjoy an exhilarating night in a fantastic atmosphere: promenade through the park, try your luck at the tombola, celebrate at the bar or dance in the ballroom and in the disco. In true LEO spirit, the ball is of course a charity ball: the net profit of the evening is donated to regional projects.

We, the LEO Clubs St. Stephan and Opera, are looking forward to welcoming you in Vienna.

Further information and tickets are available on www.leos-rock-vienna.eu
Registration closes soon, so make sure to get your tickets today!

Alexander Gonzalez-Hernandez
2. Vize-Präsident
LEO Clubs Österreich – Gesamtdistrikt 114