European LEO Weekend in Hungary

European LEO Weekend
The first European LEO Weekend took place from the 31th of May until the 2nd of June 2019 in the dormitory of Szécheny István University in Győr, Hungary. The initiative of organizing our European LEO Weekend had various goals: to welcome LEO-friends from all over Europe, to meet new and old friends, to show the beautiful city of Győr (which is halfway between Budapest and Vienna and situated on one of the important roads of Central Europe), and of course to have a Charity-activity when every participants can work hand in hand in order to help and make happier the people in need.

As with the Orga-team, we had found important to have something smart and catchy, we put the name of the city also in the slogan of the event: that’s where the #GetTogeGyőr came from (Get together+Győr makes the nice mix of #GetTogeGyőr).
The location: dormitory of Szécheny István University in Győr, Hungary
The idea of organizing such an event had come after passing a great weekend in Wels, Austria in the framework of the International LEO-Charity Bowling Weekend, hosted by LEO Club Wels. For those LEOs, who cannot attend the biggest yearly european LEO-event, the LEO Europa Forum (LEF) for some reason, these international LEO-weekends give them a good opportunity to meet other LEOs from different countries.
On the first day of the European LEO Weekend, we welcomed everyone and as a warm-up, we were playing some funny icebreaker games, where all of us had to work in teams by using our creativity and the wish to solve riddles putting our ideas together.

After the icebreakers, as one of the theme-parties was called „Summer-party”, most of us put nice dresses in order to lure summer weather (it was successful, as summer is finally here), then we went to dance to a local club.

What a better way to start a Saturday morning than a Charity-activity! The good purpose was going to be wall painting and renovation in the family shelter owned by Szent Cirill és Method Alapítvány (Saint Cirill and Method Foundation). We can happily and proudly announce that we could finish in time and we could help families living there to spend their days in a newly painted building. We finished the Charity-activity with having lunch together, there was a traditional hungarian food on the menu: goulash (gulyás).

After the Charity-activity some of us went back to the dormitory to have a little rest, but the ones who still had some energy left went to the Cyberjump Trambulin Park.
In the evening, we had a fancy dinner in Kármen Restaurant, in Kálvária Hotel. We were talking about the weekend and about the nice memories we had already made.
After dinner, we were having lot of fun in the framework of the second theme-party of the weekend: the White-party. Every participant had been asked to bring a white T-shirt to the event, so that we can write funny and nice messages on each other’s T-shirt. Most of the messages was about inside jokes and main characteristics.
On the third day, after breakfast we said goodbye to some attendees and invited the others to an optional Győr-tour.

The city of Győr
After all, we can say that we spent a wonderful weekend together with full of joy and we could realize what we had imagined: meet new and old friends, make nice memories and of course, have a successful Charity-activity. We truly believe that the European LEO Weekend can be a traditionally organized event in Hungary. This was the first, but not the last one. We would like to organize this weekend next year again and by learning the lessons, we already know how to make it as big and memorable as we had imagined. We are planning to collect feedbacks from the participants, but we already received very positive ones so far. See everyone next year, maybe in Győr again or maybe in another beautiful city of Hungary, every LEO is welcome not only from Europe, but why not from all over the world!

5 reasons why Leos should join the Lions Europa Forum 2019!

Every year Lions gather for the annual Lions Europa Forum in one of the European countries. The event usually gathers around 800 – 1000 Lions from all across the world, but not enough Leos join in. Let’s change it this year!

The Lions Europa Forum 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia is simultaneously meant for both Leos and Lions and here are 5 reasons why you as a Leo should join!

Experience sharing and cooperation between Leos and Lions
Leos are the future of Lions. This cannot be emphasized enough. So there should be a lot of cooperation and experience sharing to improve the future and make sure that we are working towards a common goal. We have applied the same principle to the preparation of the Lions EF as Leos have been in the team from the start as equals. We are working on the program, the practical organization, the excursions and much more. There are multiple workshops and discussions that are prepared and carried out by Leos. You will also meet a lot of Leos joining in as volunteers to help us succeed with the event!

Meet Lions and talk to them as your peers
Lions Europa Forum has usually been a lot of presentation and talks where Leos do not have a lot to say. At the forum in Tallinn, we are going to change that. The whole forum focuses around three key topics:
Sustainable Circular Economy. Moto: Pure Environment – Healthy Society
Healthy Youth – Base for a European Society. Moto: Good Education – Active Lifestyle
E-Lion – Lions Cyber Solutions. Moto: Commune Globally – Serve Locally
The topics are approached through discussion groups in a world cafe format. So, Lions and Leos will sit around a table to discuss together and everyone’s opinions will be heard. The idea is that we do not want to separate the participants to tens of different rooms, but to bring them together as the common brainpower in that room can then move mountains.

Gain a toolbox of ideas to take home
We have all seen it – there is a lot of discussion when international Leos and Lions get together, but not too much actions following that once everyone goes home. At the forum in Tallinn, each discussion group will gather the main ideas and points in a summary that will be shared with the participants for follow-on actions at their home country. There are also a number of experience sharing seminars going on where Leos and Lions will introduce successful projects with the exact how, who and where, so you would be able to implement the same projects in your country. This will make up your toolbox of ideas to take home with you.

Amazing parties in awesome locations
Lions like to have fun just as much as Leos do. For that reason there are some amazing party locations planned to relax after the heavy discussions at the forum. These spots you do not want to miss. Firstly, there is a get-together party at the Lions Europa Forum, so that means an extra night of fun. Also, this party will be at an old power plant that has been turned into the hottest party location in Tallinn. Secondly, at the host night, you will get to enjoy great artists and local food. And thirdly and most importantly, the gala! Have you ever danced next to an actual submarine? My guess is that you have not. At the forum in Tallinn you will have a change as the gala is taking place at a seaplane harbor. This night will be epic for sure!

Tallinn is a hidden gem in Europe
The last reason why you should come to the Lions Europa Forum 2019 in Tallinn is actually Tallinn. It’s an amazing city and the capital of Estonia. The Old Town is under the Unesco World Heritage and when you get a change to walk around there, you will feel as you have stepped into a fairy tale. There is a lot to see and explore in Tallinn and the Estonian Leos are more than happy to show you around.

And the most important reason, by joining the Lions Europa Forum you are doing some good – together we are raising funds to support the training of 12 diabetes alert dogs who will be given to young people with diabetes in the end of the forum. We already have enough support for 8 dogs, can we reach the last 4 together?

Registration for the Lions Europa Forum 2019 is open. Check it out, register and looking forward to seeing you in Tallinn!



News from Portugal to new #seanoportonity

[Late Registration Period – a 2nd chance to stop the time]

From April 25 to May 10, you’ll have a 2nd chance to stop the time, with the late registration period starting at 19:00 (CET). ⌛

And because great #OPORTONITIES also come from different decisions, for LEF 2019 late registration you won’t be charged with extra costs! 🚫💸

Regarding payment, remember the deadlines for this period❗

April 29 – May 15, 2019 –> First installment payment (350€) or total fee (645€)
May 15 – June 5, 2019 –> Second installment payment (295€)
Don’t miss this chance to live an amazing week full of opportunities and moments to be thankful about! We are waiting for you! 🔜🎊🌊🌞🍻
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European Leo Weekend – Hungary 2019

Seems like the Hungarian Leos cannot keep calm not to organize an international Leo event again! We were questioning ourselves why again but the answer was obvious! Why not! Thus we happily introduce you the European Leo Weekend in… well this time not in Visegrád and not in Budapest either but the location will be a likewise gorgeous city called Győr in Hungary. The enthusiasm contagious and preparation is underway so we hope you already got excited! So what now? Save the dates and keep calm since more information will be provided very soon! #EuropeanLEOWeekend #GetTogeGyőr

Leo Europa Forum in Portugal

Registrations for Leo Europa Forum 2019 – Portugal are open until Monday, the 15th of April!
If you did not register yet, don’t miss this opportunity of meeting new Leo friends, participating in the discussions about the Leo Movement in Europe and getting to know a new country! Hurry up and you will see that it’s gonna be a time to remember! You can sign up here:

All the information about registration is available on LEF 2019 website ( and facebook page (

In case you need extra information, you can contact the Orgateam via

Skopje Lions European Forum

So let us tell you about Lions Europa Forum in Skopje. It was great experience, with all the Leos, Lions and friends that came to this international event, it was great example how Leos and Lions working together hand in hand, to achieve great things on district and international level. All together was around 125 Leos, from all across the globe, with lot of ILOs among them. There was presentation of ILO Council that was held by Dorina Szalagyi (also ILO Board member) where she explained structure of ILO Council. There were also few debates with Lions at World Café tables, they shared their way of thinking and shared ideas to Leos also accepted few ideas from Leos too. We are happy that we as Leos are welcomed at these kind of international events and always happy to help with organizing. We can’t wait for EF in Tallinn, Estonia. But for more info you can contact ILOs in your country’s, write to ILO Council, or you can ask your sponsoring Lions club to help you with all the information.

Thank you Macedonian Leos and Lions for hosting us it, was truly an amazing experience.

And special thanks to Andrej Maršič for organizing Leo workshops in EF and helping us to share our point of view on organization and guiding Leos at the event!

LEF in Hungary report

It was awesome to meet with old friends and get to know new ones, to participate on interesting workshops, to have crazy parties, a wonderful gala night and most importantly, to have an amazing social activity at LEF2018. We were sharing lot of #HUNforgettable moments and memories, see you at the next LEF in Portugal!

#lef2019 #seanoportonity #lefportugal