We went to #seanoPORTOnity: ILOs at LEPF2019 Portugal

It was time again to meet most of us at LEO Europa Pre-Forum (or simply LEPF) in the beautiful city of Porto in Portugal. This LEPF gave place to one of the face-to-face meetings of International Liaison Officers (ILOs) from Europe and the Mediterranean countries. 15 ILOs could attend LEPF2019, we spent a nice weekend together and had a very productive meeting!

In the first part of the meeting, we talked about our ILO Budget, we started to think about the ILO-Board for 2019/2020 and we gave some updates about each Task Team (European Activity, Promotion and Lessons Learned)

But most importantly: we put the focus on the new European Activity! Being at the beginning of the road, we have to stay mysterious a bit and keep its main topic in secret, but we promise we won’t keep you waiting much longer. We know that our long brainstorming and hard work will bear its fruit. Now it’s all about the details and planning, hopefully we can gladden you with a fancy logo and with a fine-sounding slogan very soon.

Of course, we keep LEO4Green, so we are encouraging those LEO clubs who haven’t joined yet to send us their Manifesto.

At the end of the meeting, we shared some information about the upcoming international LEO events, such as the 2nd International Charity Weekend feat. Austrian LEOs, the LEO Convention of France, the Dutch LEO Seminar, or the LEO MED 2019 in Tunisia.

Last but not least, we were talking about the International Lions Convention which this year will take place in Milan, Italy. We are happy and proud to say that many ILO is planning to participate.

Right after the meeting, we went to the magnificent beach of the Atlantic Ocean to take some awesome pictures, just like these ones below 😉

Dorina Szalagyi ILO Board Member


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