The Leo Exchange is a new project to discover other cultures and to make new Leo friends! MD 108 Italy has launched the new service called Leo Exchange, designed to foster the friendship among Leos across the world. Leo members aged between 22 and 30 years of all Countries who decide to take part in this program are invited to visit Italy for a period from 2 to 7 nights and to become guests of Italian Leo members. By the principle of reciprocity, the Leos are then required to offer hospitality to one of the Italian
Leo participants in their territory for a stay between 2 and 7 nights as well. During this year, the program will be considered a pilot project, and, for this reason, it will be available only and exclusively for the Leo multiple Districts belonging to the European area that make express request with the document already given to the ILOs. More information will be available after the definition of the list of the participating Countries.

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