Austrian LEOs take LEO4Green to the National Convention

For the first National Convention, the Austrian LEOs decided to take the LEO4Green Challenge a step further, by planning an environmentally friendly activity during the National Convention in Waidhofen an der Ybbs.
A National Convention means a lot of helping hands! On a beautiful day of September, around 30 LEOs from all across Austria got their hiking shoes, borrowed some showels and climbed the hill to plant trees in the forest. With the help and advice of a forester, they learned how to plant the trees with the aim of helping the natural pollination and expansion of the forest. The activity was not only successful, but also a lot of fun. Each LEO got to learn a bit about helping the nature follow its path and got to plant, name and care for some baby trees!

Shoutout to LEO Club Mostviertel fororganizing this amazing Activity!

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