Lions club international youth exchange with leos as staff members


Being a Leo means to belong to a big family spread all over the world. It means to have brothers and sisters who share with you ideas and the desire to make the world a better place. Being a Leo means also to have the chance to try to be a Leader, to make new Experiences and to have new Opportunities: this has been clear to me during my five years in the Leo Club in Italy. And I’ve had the confirmation of this during the ten days I spent in France as a staff member of in Camp de Provence. Last spring my Multiple District issued a call to find an Italian Leo who could speak English and French and who was willing to be a Staff member in a French Camp. The selection was made through a presentation video which I realized thanks to my wonderful Club. Once read the call, I had no doubt about my participation! I had never taken part to a YEC before, but I was convinced that it could be an awesome experience! Last year I have lived in Provence for 9 months as an Erasmus student, studying Architecture in Marseille, so the idea of coming back to my second home excited me a lot!  During our National Convention, I’ve been selected as the winner and at the end of July I was on the plane directed to Marseille.
Once arrived, the Camp Director, Stephane, and his family hosted me in the best possible way. The other Lions were warm and friendly as well. It was a pleasure to work with them during 10 days, to help them in everyday organization and to share this experience with them by my side, as young staff member, there was a Kazakhistan boy and we worked together all along. We organized a final show with the youngsters, dancing our Countries’ folkloristic dances all together. The Camp in Provence was an awesome experience, and for that I should say thank you in 15 different languages, one for each nationality of the participants. I should start thanking my Multiple District for giving me the opportunity to go abroad as Staff in Camp de Provence. I should continue with all French Lions, members and not, who’ve worked for long months to organize this camp in the best possible way. Beside this, thanks to our perfect Camp Director Stéphane Miquel, to his family, to Philippe and his wife and to all the people who worked and were at the camp! I really appreciated their passion, love and enthusiasm! I felt like I was at home. l loved working with them and collaborate to make this experience the best one. At last but not at least, I should say thank you to my dear friends from all over the world! Everybody with his character, his culture, his way of thinking made great this experience! Thanks because I have had the possibility to come back to my beautiful second home and to live it in another new way!

LEO = Leadership, Experience, Opportunity: I think this camp represents these three keywords in a perfect way!

Article by
Gabriella Buttitta
MD 108 Italy

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