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Three LEO clubs in Croatia organized two LEO4Green activities for the World clean-up day. These are short descriptions about them. On September 15th member of LEO club Zrinski Cakovec collected their old, used and non-used clothes and shoes and donated them to Humana Nova – social cooperative. Humana Nova encourages the employment of the disabled and other socially excluded persons
through the production and selling of quality and innovative textile products made from ecological and recycled fabrics for the needs of the domestic and the foreign markets. Through conversation with the owner we learned a lot as he explained what his vision when he opened the first Humana Nova store was (which now counts more than 5 in Croatia). By recycling you economize raw materials and natural resources. This means that less must pump, refine, transport and process which makes it easier for Mother Earth. In that manner you economize energy consumption needed for the production process. Less energy used means less need to be produced resulting in less release of carbon dioxide emissions and less greenhouse gases. There is another equally good side of recycling clothes. This process helps the poor people from Croatia and from third world countries to get useful items of clothing that they otherwise could not afford.
Mission of LEO club Zrinski Cakovec is to donate at least 30kg of clothes and shoes once a year and to buy things from Humana Nova and donate them to less fortunate people. On World clean-up day 15.9. Leo club Tri kule Zagreb decided to join forces with Leo club Zagreb and help environment by taking part in an organised clean-up of a bird sanctuary near Zagreb. The clean- up was organised by BIOME, the cycling syndicate and Lions club Agram. We collected trash which was illegally disposed there and made piles which were taken afterwards to a junkyard. Since it was a sunny day, our hosts taught us which kind of birds live in this environment and how important it is to
remove plastic from their habitat, since they can get caught in it. With the help of binoculars, we also did our best to spot as many birds as we could. It was our first Leo4green activity. We had much fun and are looking forward to new green actions.

Veronika Kovač,
ILO D-126 Croatia

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