ILOs at LEF2018 Hungary


What a week that we have behind us! The LEF 2018 was held in Hungary, in Visegrád. We spent a wonderful week in a medieval renaissance area of Hungary.During this week we went on sightseeing trips to Budapest and Visegrád, had workshops, presentation of countries and of course, a Social activity with which we could help those who are in need!
As usual, this LEF gave place to the yearly face-to-face meeting of International Liaison Officers (ILOs) from Europe and the Mediterranean countries.18 ILOs attended LEF 2018 and during this week our ILO-Council was very active: First of all, we had our handover ceremony at our first ILO-meeting. In the framework of the handover, the
previous ILO-Board summarized what we have achieved so far this year, we welcomed and pinned the new ILOs at the same time said goodbye to our former ILOs. After the handover, the new ILO-Council voted for the upcoming ILO-Board. And the result: we have now 3 new and fresh ILO-Board member: Kaja Szwarczyńska from Poland, Dorina Szalagyi from Hungary and Tomaž Trobentar from Slovenia.
The new ILO-Board expressed their willing to keep the 3 Task Teams: European Activity, Promotion and Lessons Learned and the Board assigned each ILOs to one of the Task Teams according to the results of a Survey which has been sent out to every ILO previously. During LEF 2018, we had a meeting dedicated to Focus Group held by Lion(ess) Michelle Anderson,Omega LEO Specialist, Focus Group is very imporant in order to have a vision of Omega LEOs worldwide and there is new options for LEOs to become more involved with Lions, they are called Leo- Lions.

Focus Group would like to reach is to give LEOs more options and help from Lions to achieve greatersuccess on activities in their clubs and also to connect more on an international level as well as national. For those who were interested, an opportunity was offered to get an insight to the hard work of the ILO-Council, in the framework of an ILO-workshop.We found useful and efficient to have a meeting where all our 3 Task Teams can express themselves and can present their objectifst,their point of view and where they have the possibility to present their ideas. After the brainstorming, at the end all Task Teams could give us a vision about their imagination and about how could we improve the work of the ILO-Council during the upcoming year.

Finally, at the Closing ceremony of LEF 2018 Hungary, the new ILO-Board summarized what the ILO- Council has done in the past couple of days, and presented in a nutshell our program and main goals for the year 2018/2019, such as more promotion in general, promotion of LEF 2019 Portugal, spreading of the word of LEO4Green outside of Europe in order to make it a worldwide activity. Fortunately, there are already countries in Latin-America which are interested, such as Uruguay and Peru! The idea of a new european
activity was also born; we hope that it will be at least as popular and successful as LEO4Green. We know we will have a lot of work in this upcoming year, but the ILO-Council is looking forward to get a jump into
new visions and new challenges.

Dorina Szalagyi

ILO-Board Member, D-119 Hungary


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