The new International Leo Club Amsterdam

The Leo Club is a place full of opportunities. A place where you can find friends, where you share the same ideas on the world. A place where people want to make a difference. Where you can discuss about your plans and you can make dreams come true. Where you learn about other people’s lives and where you can take responsibility for your surroundings.

When we all came to Amsterdam in the last months, everything was new to us. We dived into a completely new culture, we met new people coming from all over the world and we had to get used to our new home and our new surroundings. We were curious about our life in Amsterdam and we didn’t know what we can expect from it. Thanks to our job or our university we found new friends very quickly but there was still the wish to volunteer, to do something good and to have a small, but helpful impact on our surroundings.

When the two former members of the Leo Club Amsterdam, Pieter and Kevin, started the initiative to build a new international Leo Club in Amsterdam, the interest in joining this club was big. But after several meetings we had to notice the difficulty to establish a club with a steadily interested group. Reconciling school, your free time activities and your job is not always easy.

In March, we finally launched the first International Leo Club Amsterdam. We are a group of 13 people who is ready to serve the local community. We come from eight countries all over the world. We all have different backgrounds and everybody has his or her own story to tell. But we have one thing in common. We want to volunteer! We want to make a difference and help to build a better life around us. We all share the same ideas about integrity, community and volunteering.

Since the end of March, we can proudly present our new board which is ready to manage our club in the next months. In the last two months, we have already organised our first activities to help the local communities. Our very first project was the reshaping of the garden of a local children’s farm. At the beginning of April, we cleaned up one of the big parks in Amsterdam, together with the Dutch Leo Club Amsterdam.  It was the first very sunny day this year and we all enjoyed the opportunity to get in contact with the local Dutch Leos.

Twice a month we meet up and discuss about our further plans. We have so many ideas in our minds and we are looking forward to planning many more activities. If you share our vision to have an helpful impact on our local community and to do something good in Amsterdam, we would love to welcome you on board! Let’s make our dreams come true!

Written by Janna
International Leo Club Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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