LEO 60th celebration in Paris

How does it feel to be part of an amazing, international, warm family?

Having recently moved to Belgium, I couldn’t have ignored the invitation of my dear friend Xavier to join him for a very special Leo event in Paris. Before even thinking twice, train tickets are bought and everything is arranged: Paris, I am coming!Old friends, new faces: all together to celebrate our 60th birthday in the very special Leo way.

After a coffee and a croissant (so French!!) we were ready for the first activity of our rich program: a tour of Les Invalides. Here we had the chance to visit Napoleon’s grave and the related museum. The sunshine let us appreciate even more the beauty of this impressing French monument. In the afternoon, we had the chance to visit the French National Assembly, with an exclusive private guided tour. The amazing library, the paintings from Delacroix, the salle des Séances… everything was astonishing, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. The day has been closed in the best possible way: an amazing dinner all together! The food and wine were amazing (yeah, the French do pretty good in this regard!) but what made the evening so special was the atmosphere: I hadn’t laughed so much in ages! I’ve joined international Leo events many times, but it still amazes me to see how people from different countries and cultures can get along so harmoniously. It must be the magic of Leos…!Saturday has been a very special day, since we had our social activity and the gala dinner.

Visiting monuments and enjoying food is nice, but never forget our aim: where are here to serve! Our social activity was one of a kind: we could play blind baseball. As Leos, we are involved in a number of activities in favour of blind people, and I believe that giving them the opportunity to play sports and have fun is very important. That being said, have you ever tried to run blindfolded? Well, I can tell you, it is super tough (and also super funny, when you watch your friends doing it!). After a short training, we could also play an entire match with some members of this special team.

Back to the hotel -and completely soaked because of a spring storm- it was time to wear our gala clothes! During the dinner we had chance to meet other members of the Leo Club Paris Rive Droite as well as some Lions, and enjoy their company.

As always, nice things are always too short, and the end of this amazing weekend arrived too fast. But not before having a last toast all together during a cosy brunch at Xavier’s apartment. After the brunch, it was time to go back to our home (or adoptive) countries… à bientôt, Paris!

I opened this short article with an open question. After reading about our Leo weekend in Paris, I think you can agree with me: it feels terrific!

See you soon for the next Leo adventure!!

Giulia Martino
MD Leo 108 Italy

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