LEO Seminar Day in the Netherlands

This year LEO Club Leiden  organized the Dutch LEO Seminar Day 2018. This day,which is meant to meet and to acquire knowledge and inspiration, took place on March 24, 2018 at the Rabobank in Leiden. The day was all about sustainability, a subject that we all have to deal with. The goal of the day was awareness of a sustainable environment.

The first speaker was Paul Dirkse, the alderman for the sustainability of the D66 political party. In a beautiful story, he highlighted how Leiden as a city contributes for a cleaner environment. He talked about subjects like wind and solar energy. Problems with a nostalgic and monumental city such as Leiden were also discussed. A monumental city like Leiden can’t simply place solar panels on the old buildings in the city center.

After the opening, Merijn Tinga,  also known as the plastic soup surfer from Leiden, gave a presentation. He is an artist who works against plastic pollution. Merijn told his story about how his passion became his goal. He discussed how he made a surfboard from “stray” plastic and made an impressive journey to collect money and how he got the ministry to approve a bill about a deposit on small plastic bottles.

Next it was Suzanne Kröger, second member of parliament at Groen Links, gave a presentation. She told us about her career in a bird’s-eye view. She started at Green Peace, for which she did projects around the world. After this she got a job in the political party of Groen Links where she is committed to sustainability. She is involved in the reducing of emission by aircraft, among other things.

The last speaker  was Andreas Vejlstrup, a LEO from Denmark (Copenhagen). He is fully committed to the LEO4Green movement. This is a LEO movement initialised  by Leo’s from Italy and later recognized as a European Leo activity. The aim of this activity is to raise the awareness of the beauty of the environment to a higher goal. This is done by organizing activities such as cleaning parks and beaches, planting new trees, collecting money for agencies or organizing lectures. After his presentation, all present LEO clubs sign the so-called LEO4Green manifesto in which you declare, as a club that you support the LEO4Green project.

After these motivating speakers, the deed was added to the word and the present LEO’s went to the city center  to clean the city of stray trash. The LEO’s ended the seminar day with a nice diner in the city center of Leiden.


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