Between January 26th and January 28th 2018 I, along with other 80 Leos from all over Europe, got to participate to LEPF2018.

It has been wonderful.

It is always nice to get the chance to meet friends and Visegraad offered a beautiful surrounding for this meeting. I was sad that I forgot my swimsuit, because the swimming pool looked quite inviting, but the hotel offered so many other entertainment choices that I was not sad for long (the bowling alley was quite unexpected, but very welcome).

We need also to talk about the Program: who did not love the ice breaking activities? They were hilarious and it was great to see how the Las Vegas Theme had been incorporated into them!

My favourite one was for sure the toilet paper game. It was hard to guess what it was for at the beginning, but it was a quick way to get to know someone else, that’s for sure! Dora, from the Orga-Team, did an awesome job in energetically hosting the night!

The Vegas party itself was a blast and there was more than one wedding that night: when Simone from my delegation married his beer (is that even allowed? Well, welcome to Vegas baby!) I could have died from how funny it was.

As an ILO, fun aside, the thing I was looking forward the most was also our face-to-face meeting. As some may know, as ILOs, we work for the most part of the year through monthly meetings online and we get to meet in person (officially) only twice a year at LEPF and LEF. Hungarian Leos and Lions made us feel extremely welcome, lending us a nice meeting room in the middle of Budapest to have our morning meeting on Saturday. We missed some truly amazing activities, but it was great to work together and we ended up having an extremely productive morning during which also our beautiful Leo4Green video was shoot (you can see it on our FB page European Leos or Leo4Green – European Activity).

Then there was lunch. Now, as an Italian I love tasty food and I was not disappointed! I cannot wait to be back to get some more galuska (also called nodekli). It was truly delicious (if anyone got the recipe, please send it to me!)

In the afternoon, I finally got the chance to roam around Budapest. Unlike many other participants, it was my first time in the city and the beautiful sights stunned me. The Parliament is definitely an impressive building and the Danube River is just beautiful. In addition, our guides (other members of an #HUNFORGETTABLE Orga-Team) had all kind of stories to tell us that made the trip all the more interesting! I think the most shocking one was the one of the artist that created the statues on one of the bridges of the city that bragged about having sculpted the perfect lions. He suicided after discovering he had made them with an open mouth and forgot to sculpt them the tongue (weird story all right, probably why it stuck in my brain!).

Then came the magic kingdom party that was, well, pure magic. We were sent back to the middle ages with all kind of characters coming out (Vikings and princesses, village fools and kings!) and a beautiful visit to the Royal palace present in Visegraad.

Just amazing.

Now, you might be wondering why I am here with an hour by hour telling (more or less) of a beautiful weekend. The answer is easy: because soon it will be possible to book LEF2018! So be ready on April 7th if you do not want to miss an incredible experience, such as the one above, in the week from August 25th to September 1st!

Once again a big thank you to the Orga-Team 2018 for having organized an amazing LEPF2018 and best of luck for LEF2018! See you in Visegraad!


– Eleonora Fresia, ILO MD 108 ITALY

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