LEO Clubs of Estonia – small but busy

This article is from the German Leo Life magazine.

The last few years have been busy for Estonian LEOs, there are only 5 Clubs of us but we still manage to do a lot and keep the people around us happy. Year 2016 was exceptionally exciting for us since for the first time we organized Leo Europa Forum which was held in a beautiful sea-side city called Pärnu, located in South-Estonia. The slogan of LEF2016 – “one country, many stories” served well its purpose since people often don’t know much about Estonia so it was our pleasure to introduce the beauty and tales of our country to other LEOs. During LEF we learned a lot about Estonian culture by visiting different cities, spending the night with traditional Estonian folk-dancers and helping the environment by cleaning the beach from trash. This event worked so well that the Lions of Estonia are now organizing the Lions Europa Forum 2019 in our capital city Tallinn and they have kindly asked us to help them by organizing workshops and city tours.

Last year Estonian LEOs in collaboration with Lions and an Estonian eyewear store we started a project called “Eyes are the window of the heart”. Within this activity we have an eye-doctor who helps us to visit schools around Estonia to check the eyes of young school kids who haven’t been or don’t have a chance to visit a doctor that often. So far, we have managed to check almost 400 eye pairs and keep on going.

Another bigger project which includes all LEO’s is our yearly district project, this time – a car orientation game. It is held in different locations all around Estonia and with the money we collect we help volunteer rescuers to buy expensive necessary equipment that they need in everyday bases.  There have been already four of those kinds of events and as long as we have people who are interested in doing good the car orientation is continuing throughout the year.

Next to the club-based projects, we have joined the European Activity –  Leo4Green with the whole district. All of our clubs signed the manifesto and are dedicated to organize green projects. Some examples include donating money received from recycled bottles to unprivileged children and helping elderly with gardening works. World Clean Up Day 2018 is also an Estonian initiative which we hope to join in Autumn together with our Lions clubs.

-Marta Suitslepp, Member of D-120, Estonia

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