Disabled Youth Camp 2017: the experience of the Leos of District 108Ia3

Every year, in the summer, Leo and Lions District 108Ia1, Ia2 and Ia3 come together to organize the Disabled Youth Camp.

«The Disabled Youth Camp is a unique experience, that opens your eyes with joy on a reality often characterized by invisibility, exclusion and indifference», says Veronica Rinaldi (Leo Club Mondovì Monregalese), «it makes you understand how little is needed to make someone smile» adds Barbara Provera (Leo Club Ventimiglia). In Daniele Armando opinion (Leo Club Busca e Valli) «to see the participants challenge themselves, try new experiences, smile, hug, change and open up leave an indelible mark» and, concludes Alessia Macrì (Bra) «it makes your heart explode».

These are the words of some of the members of our District that have tried, for the first time, the experience of the Disabled Youth Camp 2017, that took place from July 8th to July 16th in Domodossola and has been organized by the three Lions and Leo Districts  Ia1, Ia2 e Ia3: they left anxious, excited and unaware of what they would have found. They have come back deeply enriched. Yes, because Daniele, Alessia, Francesca, Barbara, Veronica e Virginia have  lived the Camp each one in their own way, but all conscious that they have been changed by it. To tell our District or anyone else what we have experienced is impossible: the joy of who, limited by their disability in their everyday life, can enjoy a thermal bath, dance at the disco-pub, play the siren of the Vigezzina, sing with the musician of a restaurant on a terrace looking out on the lake, petting a horse, fly in a helicopter, let their face be wet by the waters of the Toce waterfalls…it’s not possible to express it in words.

These boys and girls have shownus their happiness and their joy with dozens, hundreds, thousands of hugs to which we have become dependent in just a few days: with misty eyes at the time of departure, we tried to demonstrate to them how grateful we were. Thank you for having taught us to give the stress and angers of everyday the little importance they deserve, to appreciate more our lucks and to look with admiration the courage of those that face, always with a smile, a Iife that is difficult but still full and wonderful.

Our District President and Camp Leader Emilia Fresia commented: «I’ve been really proud to see so many Leos of the District face this challenge as the disabled youth did: I’m very happy to have helped realize this small miracle for these people and their families».

Written by: Macrì Alessia – Leo Club Bra

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