Christmas Activities in LEO Club Aarhus

On the 14th of December LEO Club Aarhus organised two Christmas activities for children and young people in the area around Aarhus. One of them was at the orphanage Dalgaarden and the other one in The Greenlandic House where Foreningen Grønlandske Børn (an organisation that helps Greenlandic children and their families) had a Christmas party. Before these two activities LEO Club Aarhus had received the children’s wish lists and went Christmas shopping. This meant that every child got exactly what they wished for.

After our Christmas shopping we went to the two institutions. At Dalgaarden we sang traditional Christmas songs (we really know Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer by heart now) and had traditional Danish doughnuts and handed out the personalised gifts to the children. At The Greenlandic House we made some Christmas decorations and sang Christmas songs in both Danish and Greenlandic. We had gifts for both the children and their families. The children got a personalised gift and their family got a Christmas basket filled with food and Christmas candy. We even were so lucky that Santa paid a visit. He is from Greenland anyway so it makes perfect sense that he wanted to go to their Christmas party 😉

Our Christmas activities are definitely one of the highlights every year. Almost since our chartring in 1989 we have handed out Christmas presents to an orphanage. Our former collaborator Himmelbjerggården closed two years ago so we set up a new collaboration with Dalgaarden. Actually, a few of the children from Himmelbjerggården were moved to Dalgaarden and they actually remembered us visiting them with Christmas presents. That is cool!
To actually buy a personalised present and not just buy in bulk makes the experience even better – especially because we are involved in every step of the activity. The absolute highlight is of course when the children open their presents and we see how happy they become. We actually often get hugs from the children because they are so grateful for the presents. That truly makes being a LEO the best thing ever!

-Sofie Schøler Bargisen, ILO of MD106 Denmark


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