The Adventure of Leo The Leo!

There once was a lonely fluffy toy lion who was often mistaken for a bear. He lived a sad life on a shelf in a shop in a city called Tallinn. There was not much happening in the life of the lion. Some kids came and gave him a hug from time to time just to place him back on the shelf.

This was until one glorious day when 4 lovely girls from Leo Club Tallinn noticed him. It was love at first sight and there was no way that they could have left that cute lion behind. So it was decided – he will become the newest member of their Leo club. And the lion was called Leo The Leo!

This was just the start for the magical adventures of Leo the Leo. He has already joined the Leo girls in a countryside weekend to wrap-up their stories of the summer and LEF 2017, participated in a club meeting to plan the new year as well as met his first international Leos.

Leo The Leo has a bright future ahead where he will join the Leos also at different service projects, their meetings and hopefully also will be taken along to the glorious adventures in foreign lands. If you want to follow the Adventure of Leo the Leo, find him on Instagram as @adventuresofleotheleo

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