LEO Club Crema and LEO Club Nice Comté de Nice twinning during the National Convention of MD 103 France

The 25th of march was a special day for the Leo Club Crema of the District 108 Ib3 Italy and for the Leo Club Nice Comté de Nice in the District R04 Z43 Cote d’Azur Corse.

In fact, they officially signed their international twinning during the event of the Leo National Convention of France.

In this special year, in which occurs the 60th anniversary of Leo Club International, the desire of starting an experience together, even outside the Country borders, gets an even greater importance.

The relationship between the two clubs started last summer when Letizia Vanelli,President of the Leo Club Crema, came to Nice for taking part in one of the local Leos meetings.

Letizia together with the president on Nice, Maya Ketfi, signed their twinning in the special and historical location of the Palais de la Mediterranee, a masterpiece of the architecture of the beginning of the ‘30s, located in the heart of Nice facing the Promenade des Anglais.

The night was enriched by the presence of the Multidistrict French President, Amandine Landeler,with the District President RamziKetfi.

It was also the occasion of exchanging flags, and for getting to know each other through games and dances.


One of the most emotional moment was listening to the Italian and french anthem together:a symbol of the international character of the JDP of this year.

On that special night the members of each clubs-ticked, on their jackets and dresses, the official sticker of the twinning, drawn by the Leo Club Crema’s President.

This special moment for the two Clubs is only the start of a long term relationship that will lead to a sharing of ideas and collaborative services.

By Letizia Vanelli, President of LEO Club Crema


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