Being a Leo abroad – vol. 3

I am Orsolya Jenei from Hungary and I am a member of a swiss Leo Club (Leo Club Rapperswil). My boyfriend is a swiss Leo and when I moved to him I also joined the Leo meetings he attended. Some Leos I already knew from international Leo events, it was really nice to meet them again. The meetings are always really great, in a good atmosphere, people are friendy and open, they are always interested in me and in Hungary. I immediately had friends in a foreign country, although I just moved there. I got very positive impressions about the Leos in Switzerland, they make me feel home abroad. Beside English I can also speak German, so with the language I didn’t have a problem either. But in case I have difficulties with the German language they switch to English, it’s no problem for them.

As I often joined the meetings, in last October they asked me to be an official member of the club. I decided to „leave” my club in Budapest (Pest-Buda Leo Club) because most of my time I spend in Switzerland, unfortunately I can’t attend the meetings in Budapest too often. But when I am in Hungary I try to meet them and support their work. However, „officially” I can be a member of only one Leo club, I still try to be part of both of my clubs.

As a candidate/member of Leo Club Rapperswil I played bingo in an old people’s home, had a small guided tour in the center of Zurich, at the airport, in a TV studio and in a theatre, visited the national convention, took part in the chrismas dinner. All of these activities were really great and I had a nice time with my new Leo friends.

All in all I am really happy to be a member of such a great club! I would suggest for all of those Leos who move abroad for a while to join a local club in order to get to know new people and the new culture.

 Author: Orsolya Zita Jenei
D119 Hungary and MD102 Switzerland


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