Being a Leo abroad – vol.2


I’m Andrej, a proud Slovenian Leo currently lost somewhere in the Netherlands..

There are quite a few differences between living in these two countries (for example, there’s no chance you would see me cycling in the middle of a rainstorm back home), but one important fact links them together. Both of them are infested with Leos! No matter where you go, your Leo spirit shouldn’t be left home to rot… and what better way to feed it other than hanging out with local Leos!

As I can tell from my own experience, all it took was an email explaining how lost I was and Voila! a week later I was already part of a meeting and their next event. It’s as easy as that. So my advice to you is to contact the locals if you are moving somewhere. Not only will it provide you with new friends and charity events that you desperately crave, but it will also fill you with ideas on possible future events and improvements applicable to your own club back home. Next thing you know, you will want to hang out with members of both clubs simultaneously.

Hint: International Leo events. See you there!
PS: For more information about local clubs around the world don’t hesitate to  contact your districts ILO. If he cannot help you be sure to make fun of him or her and find Leos together!

Author: Andrej Maršič
Leo District 129 Slovenia
Leo club Koper- Capodistria

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